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  • Baylor University Medical Center performs first living-donor uterus transplants in the U.S. | Scrubbing In - Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas performed the first four living-donor uterus transplants in the United States in September.

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  • Elizabeth - Sketchy Business Practices

    I've taken the product for a couple of years, and I used to get the amount of pills that I could use, moderated by my salesrep. Sometimes I cannot take all of these pills, so she would hold off the shipment for a few weeks. Suddenly, that stopped. The pills just keep on coming, and coming, and coming. Interestingly, my other family members started taking them too, but we still wound up with a backlog of six "sets" of pill bottles. So I called Juice Plus directly to close the account. At least for a while. I had authorized direct billing to my Visa card for a couple years, without a hitch, I have good credit. Suddenly we started getting phone calls constantly from a collection agency on my answer machine, which I figured was some scam, since I have great credit and no outstanding bills. Then I get a bill in the mail from a collection agency, and I call them to figure out whats going on. They said my visa card billing wasn't accepted, they were using a number of a card that I don't even have anymore, but I've been receiving bills on the current visa card. I don't know what happened, but I paid the bill right away, and I am extremely pissed off that Juice Plus went directly to a collection service instead of contacting my sales rep, or me, about whatever glitch they had. Even though I like the product, it is highly unlikely that I will ever sign up for their automatic pill delivery and billing, ever again. There are no communications or controls.