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  • leishadaniel - and felt like I was living it with them

    Watched all 11 seasons in about 6 weeks, and felt like I was living it with them. A week after finishing season 11, I'm still devastated that they would kill Derek off so quickly and without much closure. I just kept praying that Merideth would wake up from her 5 o'clock 'freak out' and it would have all been just her thinking of the worst case scenario. I guess I still keep wishing it would happen, after all, we did go through a year and a half worth of time in a few short episodes, why not go backward too! Although it felt like the series would go on forever previously, now I'm not so sure. I don't think it will ever be the same, but I do still love most of the characters, so for me it's still worth watching for now...

  • Rachel - Pelvic pain and menstruation clots are gone

    I tried this, as well as another brand. I got the other brand from my health food store. I take about 5 pills a day at 500 mg per pill for each. However, I noticed a bigger difference with this product. Within less than 2 months the clots disappeared for my monthlies. The weirdest thing was when I took at least 5 a day at first, my menstruation was only 3 days and it was very light. Normally it looks like I committed several murders, so that was a nice change. On the second month I noticed the weakness and throbbing pain was gone. I had an ovary taken out because of a cyst so large it almost burst. I still have pain on that side though, which is odd...because the cyst is gone as is the ovary. However, once I started taking this turmeric pill it's subsided substantially within the past 2 months. I've noticed a real change in my interior girl parts that none of us know what's happening without getting poked and prodded by a doctor.

  • The Bruce - Surprisingly good effects

    I just started combining this with two Natures Bounty green tea caps each morning. The green tea by itself gives me a nice alertness, different from a caffeine buzz. I find that the ginseng seems to boost this effect even more, making me feel very removes much of the age fog I had become used to. This formula of three types of ginseng and no caffeine makes this the perfect combination in my book.