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  • Lisa - Yes- Yes

    Love - Love - Love this show. Once I start watching it is hard to stop until the entire season has been watched!

  • Sean - Made Me Terrified of Hair Loss

    How dare you make me come to terms with my fear of balding, TubShroom. You, Dr. Shroom, have no right to judge me for my scalp's choices and frankly I am insulted. I had no idea that this much hair was coming off of my head on a weekly basis, and I wish I could go back to that blissful ignorance. But no, you had to go ahead and just catch every single hair that came off of my head, didn't you? What gives you the right?

  • Arianne T Smart - Best Shampoo/body wash ever got some for my baby shower ...

    Best Shampoo/body wash ever got some for my baby shower for my twins a little over two years ago and wont use any other kind. My daughter also has eczema and super sensitive skin this stuff works great she doesnt break out and it leaves her skin feeling smooth.

  • CharlieSnAZ - Very satisfied

    I ordered two; one each for me (no BT in car, and one for my wife who was having trouble with her BT. For me, I'm streaming Spotify and able to handle calls. Kathie streams Pandora and handles calls.

  • Jane S. Bishop - Step by Step coding

    The book was less expensive than college bookstore with no waiting in line, free shipping and no tax. I am disabled and the amount of books I purchased are large and heavy and with home delivery it made things easier.


    I just installed these on a rental unit stove and I must say, I have never had replacements that fit better than these. The burners do not wobble. There is a slot for the burner to clip into and it fits wonderfully. The holes for the burner to plug into the stove were the right size and the burner doesn't contact the unit improperly. These are all issues I have had in the past with replacement pans and I give these 10 stars. Further I am hoping that these will be easier to clean because the metallic ones are useless after the first boilover. They are impossible to clean. These have a nice porcelain like finish so hopefully they are porcelain.