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  • Marilyn H. Adamo - Jesus is cool

    Having been a fan since I saw the original on Broadway, this version rates very high. Jesus is sensational. Balsamo performs one of the best Gesthsemanes I have ever heard. Zubin Varla disappoints me as he sounds like he's an opera singer trying to perform rock. His voice grates on you after awhile. Joanna Ampil has a sweet voice but Yvonne Elliman is still my Mary of choice. The music is wonderful and I guess this version will have to do until a new Broadway 2000 addition appears.

  • MonieLuv - Goodbye Mop

    I recently purchased a home with a lot of tile, so you can understand that I love the tile but not looking forward to the mopping. By mistake I bought the Shark thinking it would be great for the floors.....NOT!!! It did not clean very well at all, so it's taking up space in a closet. Tried a family member's Bissel Multisurface cleaner. It did alright because the brush bar just runs across the floor and doesn't really scrub. After much research and talking to someone who owns the Hoover Floormate, I made my final purchase. I love it!! The scrubber brushes actually scrub the floor and the tight contact with the tile promotes a better clean for the grout than the Bissel Multisurface cleaner. Walking barefoot, I can definitely feel the difference on the floor. For those who complained about it leaking, check the waste container to make sure it is not full. I have a smaller home of just over 1500 sqft and I had to change the water out three times. I highly recommend the Floormate.

  • Betty Bennett - Interesting

    I received this book from Kindle Scout and received a free copy. Even though this book was predictable it did keep my interest. I didn't like the book at first but I kept reading because I wanted to know the outcome. By the end of the book I liked all the characters. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • Oldiesgirl47 - i like it

    I ordered several different hot plate single burner cookers to see which one I liked best, and this one won. It's sturdy and heavy.. and unlike all the others, it can be CLEANED....which greatly prolongs its life..Impossible to clean the others... so they get tossed after a few months. Some of the cheaper models didn't heat properly after a while, and even became an electrical hazard so had to be discarded. This one seems to be a better made unit.

  • Amazon Customer - Seems to be working fine

    Who knows how effective it may really be but I poured a little in my crankcase and the rest into a full tank of gas a few days after my engine shut down right after starting one morning. I figure it had to be dirty injectors since my Honda has 225k miles on it and I had not treated the gas or oil in quite some time. Car is running great and I plan on using the second bottle at my next oil change.

  • Sharon L. King - Change your life by eating right

    I have used Mark Hyman's detox diet twice, and this year, the second time, I have followed through with my eating habits. I don't need any supplements, although I do use Spirutein, a protein powder, with almond milk and frozen berries for breakfast, and I take emergen-c powder with a probiotic as well. For lunch I have a rye cracker and a small can of tuna; for dinner, protein, vegetables, and sometimes rice. I also have a glass of wine. This is how I live: no sugar, processed foods, dairy, flour except whole rye, which is the lowest grain on the glycemic index. I feel losing weight (about one pound per week), sleep well, have lots of energy, am not bloated, have glowing skin, and the constant sneezing from allergies is also gone. This time, it's for keeps. I am 68 years old and I want to live to see my grandchildren get married. I don't think that eating this way is any more expensive than paying for all the processed crap that is ruining our bodies and being forced on us by the addiction is a killer, in my opinion, and I think Hyman has the edge. You don't even need the recipes...just saute it, roast it, add rice to it, eat it raw, add spices, olive oil, whatever. I give my husband a potato for dinner so he won't feel like he is being deprived....all junk is out of the house. I suggest to start, do everything he says. Then make it your own. Believe in yourself and set a life doing everything on your bucket list.