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Country:, Europe, LT

City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Wally - Great product / Poor documentation

    This unit includes more features than I would expect of anything in this price range. Excellent value. I found this product very easy to use. The only function I dont like is that the backup camera only operates when selected and will not come on automatically. Shipping took about a week but was on time and item received in good condition by Fedex from China. It was well protected against rough handling. On the downside, there is poor documentation with no instructions whatsoever on how to install the unit. Also, there were no Points of interest included on GPS. Fortunately, a Google search allowed me to upgrade map and POI's very easily. Also, a Google search came up with some good information on how to remove the factory unit after which, it was a direct fit including all cables etc in my 2010 Camry LE. Looks 100% like a factory installation once complete. It was more difficult figuring out how to wire the GPS antenna to the outside but once done, it works perfectly while located on the underside of the hood. Installing the camera was tricky but again ended like a factory installation. It was not even neccesary to cut any wires. Without any detailed info, it took several hours to complete the installation. I would recommend this item, however, the average person may want to get it professionally installed.

  • user - Setup was fairly easy and figuring out all the overclocking settings took a ...

    Setup was fairly easy and figuring out all the overclocking settings took a few hours. I would give this 5 stars but I recently discovered a huge problem. I recently upgraded my internet from 60 mbps to 200 mbps. I ran speed tests to see what speed I was getting. The tests came back at 30-50mbps every single time. Eventually I ended up calling my isp and got a guy to come over to look at the router. Router was fine and everything worked max speed for him. So then he tried using a usb gigabit adapter on my pc and we got the 200 mbps. so problem #1 is my onboard Ethernet adapter tops out at 50mbps for some reason. I have all the latest drivers etc.. So I went out and bought my own usb Ethernet adapter and plugged it in. It worked for a few min then started disconnecting constantly, I tried everything I could think of to get it working with no luck. Then finally I decided I'd just try a different usb port and the thing started working perfectly. both ports I tried were usb 3, only difference is physical location. its been working in the new usb port for a few days now. so problem #2 is I have defective usb ports.

  • jstudstrup - Ok this ACTUALLY WORKS

    I have a six year old golden retriever I have had since he was a puppy. For years I have been bothered by his anxiety when it thunders, storms, rains, winds come up, I mean you make a loud noise he shakes all over the place. He will run to you try to hide behind you, dig under the pillow you are laying on even if its the dead of night, once a year he gets really bad diarriah when the first thunderstorm of the year comes. It's just terrible, panting drooling, really literally shaking. I never thought there would be anything to help him! EVER. I didn't want to sedate him because I mean it's not good for him. So I bought this on a whim and it works! He runs to laundry room when it starts to thunder and he sits and waits for me to put it on him, if i don't notice (which is a first because I always dreaded storms) he will get me and lead me to it. He loves it, I love it, win win!

  • kindlejunkie - Nicely made, but a LOT of tables that it won't work with

    The quality is nice, and the seat is very plush. The pouch for the cover on the bottom works well, and the pocket is great for bibs and spoons. However, I need a second one and I will NOT be purchasing this because it works on so few tables. Should be fine for a solid wood type table that is solid and about 1-2" thick with no apron- such as a booth table at a restaurant. Though this should be obvious to most, remember that it won't work on pedestal tables, glass tables, and tables with an apron thicker that about 3", and definitely no aprons that are beefy in thickness (not just height depth). So that rules out a BUNCH of the tables both in homes and restaurants. Unless you go pretty much to the same few places, and you know they'll work, then I'd skip this one.

  • Kids love it! - Didn't help my son

    I bought this and rubbed it on my pregnant belly for 9 months, I then rubbed this on my sons forehead for the first 10 years of his life... I am VERY disappointed that my son is not a wall climbing, nunchuck swinging, green hero. I now have a defective "hero" with ADHD. Don't buy this.