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  • EllaB - Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.

    I bought this mouse because my Razer Diamondback 3G had a broken right click and so I thought it was time to move on.

  • Erin - One of the few things to cut into my fiance's acne

    My fiance has had acne since he was a teenager. He's tried several things, to no avail, which is understandably frustrating. I have used this scrub for awhile, and I noted to him that it was actually the thing that kept my own skin nice and clear - the exfoliation helped to scrub the skin nice and clean, and the salicylic acid helped to prevent new blemishes from appearing.

  • Somebody - Must Have!!

    As most first time moms i did alot of research and shopping from online to in-stores. I came across this stroller and i couldnt be happier that i did! It is very nice quality, easy to use and durable. I recommend this stroller to any mom!!

  • Moshe Haspel - Dorky name, great software

    I've been using Maptitude for over 15 years, and have found little to dislike about the program other than its dorky name. Maptitude is a great value: at its price point, you could easily spend this much just on the data that comes bundled free with the software.

  • Chris - Great Flick

    Great flick. Very entertaining, great production, great effects, and very well acted. Classic performance by Woody Harrelson. Some of the dialogue is a little weak and sappy. Typical Roland Emmerich film. Quite a spectacle. If you can forgive the minor weaknesses, it's worth watching more than once.

  • MrAv8er - Giant ink tanks, tiny paper drawer

    No more cartridges!! I remember back in the early '90's, our company bought an Encad 36" ink jet plotter. It came with <no joke>, 1 GALLON jugs of ink. I think those gallon jugs were about $10 each, once upon a time. Which is why I love the Epson EcoTank printer. No, it's not even remotely close the 2 pint reservoir the old Encad had, but it's WAY better than the 9 milliliter cartridges they have in most printers now. Instead of ripping you off for ink that is literally more expensive than gold by weight and selling you a disposable printer, Epson is trying the opposite. Selling you a printer for what it really costs, about 5 C-notes, then selling ink by the BOTTLE for about 12 bucks. I will never get an OUT OF INK warning again!! Other than that, it seems pretty much like any other plastic, mid-line all-in-one. One star off for two things, the light, cheap, plastic-y feel of the printer and the tiny paper tray that only holds about 150 sheets at a time. 150 sheets at a time, really? You put in enough ink to last for a year but you still force me to visit the printer to constantly add consumables? Stupid.