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  • John P Nimitz - Perfect fit

    Perfect fit for my 01 Jeep XJ. Took the busted part off, put this one on in about maybe 5 mins, more or less

  • Maarussia - Good quality stroller

    I was a crazy Mom who bought her child three different strollers. Actually the first one my husband brought from Germany claiming that just like cars their strollers are among the best. And it was a good stroller, but in a way Mersedes S-Class is when you are a fan of a Mini Cooper. I wanted a stroller that would be light and that could easily be transported around. So I bought this one for two reasons: it folds up in one second with the effort of one finger and when you insert infant car seat, it creats a very cozy place for your little one where he is completely protected by the two hoods (the stroller's hood and the one from the car seat come nicely against each other). I ended up also buying a Maclaren Quest which I'm now using the most, but the B-Agile was still a pretty good choice.

  • coreen - easy to assemble

    Light weight, easy to assemble. You just have to unzip it from the folded position remove sides and align with top and bottom zipper and zip them all together. Takes about 1 minute to do. When your finished, Unzip everything and keep it your closet stored flat for space saving. Strong enough to hold a small dog or cat.

  • Shelby5506 - the best glass cleaner ever!

    the best glass cleaner ever! it is perfect for any application, but my favorite is the inside of my car windshield. it stays in place, doesn't run, and dissolves all the fog instantly!

  • Amazon Customer - Inside baseball for the 2012 election

    What a great read. You get tons of inside details about the big election. But Balz also provides a great overview about the direction of the country and the political values motivating the race.

  • tyler - Detox tea

    I received this product as indicated by the seller. it arrived on time and I did not have any issues or concerns with the delivery or product.

  • Sanil Nair - Great way to get in some cardio!

    Fun to play and a great work out! Some of the songs are a little dated and there are a few that I have never heard of. Still a really fun game! I have the Playstation Camera set up so we don't have to use our cell phones. By the end of the third dance, my wife and I were both already sweating! Lots of fun and a great workout as well!