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  • Bronwyn West - Good watch, my 7 year old just won't keep it on.

    The watch works great and holds a charge well. I'm docking it 1 star because my son keeps losing interest in it. He won't wear it long enough to get used to the feel of a watch. He is 7. He started off super excited about it, then kept forgetting about it. I think he will grow in to it. So far, it is holding up great.

  • Debra Floyd - Rejuvenate your eye area

    I am now into my second bottle of the Orogold Anti-Aging Eye Serum. I am so happy with how effective the product has been and the kind of changes it has brought for my skin. I am usually one of those ladies who prefers to compare and compare products before making a purchase, particularly when it comes to expensive products like Orogold. I did a lot of research about Orogold Cosmetics and ended up purchasing their products despite some negative reviews because of the ingredients that these products contained. And I must say that for once I am glad I didn't pay attention to those reviews. My skin has dramatically improved. I look much younger and the wrinkles from my eye area have diminished as well. I have to thank Orogold Cosmetics for this amazing eye serum and I shall certainly use this product for a long time.

  • Gale M. - Best authentic aromatic oils ever!!!!!

    I absolutely loved these oils. I mainly use them with the diffuser I purchased. The scents are very strong and very pleasing. That's how I know they are not diluted. I will definitely order from this vendor again. I highly recommend them to anyone else that is looking for authentic aromatic oils.

  • Angela Mack - Now I can park in the garage!

    This really does replace the antennae on my Chevy Equinox. May not work quite as well but I am satisfied with it. It was affordable and now I can get the car into the garage !

  • Amazon Customer - I don't recommend this. It also says that we can use ...

    Didn't work for me. I don't recommend this. It also says that we can use this as deodorant. Noway! We cannot use this it doesn't have a fragrance to use as a deodorant. Waste of money. It's not cheap.

  • JGrantTAPS - Awesomesauce!

    What can I say, the perfect guide for a Ghostbusters fan! Chock full of goodies, and listings... I seriously am now awaiting the 2014 edition!

  • R. Davis - Works where other kits failed

    My son's 2008 Maxima had headlights with BAD sun damage. These are especially difficult to restore because there are some deep contours in the lens. We worked them over with another brand kit and, although they looked a lot better, they were still pretty cloudy. And, the worst areas were still yellowed and grungy.