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  • For the right person, this book is profound - For the right person, this book is profound

    Parachute is not for everyone. If you dislike thinking about your life, values, spirituality, and your goals, you will find What Color Is Your Parachute ? incomprehensible. If you want a quick fix to your life/work problems, Parachute doesn't offer you a quick fix.

  • Amanda - Required Reading

    As far as finance books go, this one is at least pretty good at breaking up the different topics and giving some good real world examples of the concepts. I certainly wouldn't choose this book to read for fun - but I am not a finance major either...just the required finance class to complete my master's degree.

  • StacyPearl - Pinch me sample sold me!

    Love this product! It worked instantly on my husband's foot neuropathy. It works great for my fibromyalgia pain. It doesn't have a strong smell and you only have to use a small amount. I got a sample of this product from pinch me and couldn't wait to buy it.

  • Haley Roth - Completely Inadequate Preparation- Save your $$

    I have never written a review for any product, but feel compelled to here for the sake of other test takers. This book is FILLED with mistakes... not small ones, but mismatched Charts to Questions, clearly wrong answers, and meager explanations and rationale. I highly deter to you from purchasing this. Even the online materials and app are filled with mistakes and glitches that make it impossible to evaluate your relationship to the test and materials. I just went to the store and purchased the Kaplan book instead- and wish I could return this one!