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  • Anaesthesia FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Comprehensive range of anaesthesia options including anaesthetist-administered sedation/sleep/IV sedation for maximum safety and comfort.
  • Crowns and Bridges FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Crowns, dental bridges and single-visit service with the use of CEREC technology.
  • General Dentistry FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Even with the best of home care, regular professional cleaning, check-ups and maintenance is still important.
  • Health Funds & Fees FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Fees, payments, health insurance cover, concession programmes and payment plans relating to our services.
  • Surgery FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Implant and other surgeries may be performed in-chair at our clinic or in a hospital operating theatre.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQs - South Street Dental Centre - Impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. A panoramic dental x-ray is usually required for wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Procedures - South Street Dental Centre - Forms and instructions relating to the use of our services and your treatments.
  • Twilight Sedation Instructions - South Street Dental Centre - What you need to do to maximise your comfort and safety when undergoing twilight (IV) sedation.
  • Post-surgery Home Care - South Street Dental Centre - What you need to do to maximise your comfort post-surgery and expedite your recovery.
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