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  • S Myers - As close to a cure-all as you can get!

    I have been taking this product for almost a month, and can't say enough good things about it. Getting past the bitter taste is well worth it! The first thing I noticed was how much healthier my skin, hair, and nails are. In spite of being in a high stress situation, I look years younger. The next thing I found is that it is assisting to reduce my blood pressure. In addition, I have had problems over the years with Candida, and can tell that it is ridding my body of it. I also have had dry throat issues off and on. That is gone entirely. Finally, and most important, symptoms of type 2 Diabetes has now subsided. So overall, the articles on line about this being a cure-all are accurate. I highly recommend this product!

  • Tollers - Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement

    Finally decided to upgrade from my 5 year old Edge 800 to this new Edge 820. So far my opinions are mixed. Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement, but has some niggling faults. I cannot recommend buying one at this moment

  • SWAT_wife6714 - We use this daily!

    I use this product on my twin girls. They are in the first grade and go to public school. They have light hair, and I am an over washer of their hair. They got lice twice last school year, and we were introduced to Fairy Tales products. Since the last out break, we have used the shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray and hair spray! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these products. The girls love the smell and seems to be working because we haven't had it in 6+ months. If you have any chance of your child getting this horrible bug, buy this product!

  • Alison - Interesting book.

    Writer is on the list of racist. I didn't see that. Trying to understand this city, and it does explain what was and why what is. Book doesn't cost much and if you just want to know it does this.

  • Benjamin N. Dilts - Obviously accuracy isn't great, but power is fantastic

    This gun is way more powerful than you think it is going to be. It fires darts faster than any other gun I own, including the Strongarm and the Retaliator. Obviously accuracy isn't great, but power is fantastic.

  • Ransom - Good Product

    The stubby is the perfect accessory. I was really tired of having to remove the antenna whenever I go through a car wash, or having it wave around at high speeds. The stubby sticks up about 4" and is solid, not flimsy. Screwed right in to the existing antenna mount so installation took about 30 seconds. Delivery was exceptionally quick and the product arrived safely packaged. I would definitely consider ordering from CravenSpeed again and I highly recommend the stubby for anyone looking to replace their wire antenna.