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  • jaxie - These chairs are great!

    I had been looking for these zero gravity chairs and found this really good deal of 2 for the price of one! I thought they might be cheaply made, but they're very sturdy and comfortable. The only problem is, it's hard to get back to work after you sit down in them because they're so comfortable! I bought 2 little attaching side tables for them at Bed Bath and Beyond and they work great! My new favorite spot in the back yard!

  • Kenny - should have gotten something else

    it was the hottest x'mas toy when it first came out. but you'll have to buy separate cartridge or download and that's not cheap. My daughter used it for nap time at preschool and we gave her headset to use so she won't bother other kids. But I'm not sure if it really provide the educational experience that we were hoping for, like the leap frog dvd. So it might help us keep our kid entertained a bit but in the end I think I would have bought something else.

  • Judy S. - Biltong! AWESOME - One taste and you'll never eat jerky again!

    We received this product yesterday on our way to our 11 year old daughter's soccer practice. I was driving and my husband opened up the package. The first thing he did was took a deep inhale of the contents and said, "WOW! You have to smell this!" So he held the bag to my nose and then to our daughter's in the back seat. We were all blown away by how amazing it smelled.

  • Paulina Jaramillo - A poor choice of short stories

    I expected that this compilation had some thread, something that could hold them together but it feels like a collage of bad american stories. I have read many stories from the authors listed here and they can be very good, but it feels like the editor of this collection chose the worst ones, with no intentions of cohesion and put them together. A very poor work.