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  • Carol Hedberg - Like watching a horror movie where woman ages before your eyes!

    After using Clinique Youth Surge night cream for years, I didn't get to the department store so decided to try something new. BIG MISTAKE! I used this Roc product for two nights, following the directions. The first day, I noticed around my eyes, it was red and deep age lines were starting to appear. My face felt like it had been burned with an acid: it was raw and extremely sensitive. As the first day progressed, my face became more and more red, and in a meeting, a friend across the room asked me what was wrong with my face. The second day, my face was even more raw, and several people asked me if I had been crying. The skin below my eyes had deteriorated to create deep black lines, the skin seemed to be thinner and more sensitive: I glanced in the mirror later that night: it was like watching a horror movie where a woman aged right before your eyes! I was horrified. I rushed back to the Clinic counter and bought my usual Youth Surge and an additional eye cream. I'm returning it to Sam's Club tomorrow!

  • Theodore Hope - Bad documentation, very inexpensive, and works fine.

    The cheapest ESC/POS I could find. Documentation is extremely poor, but otherwise it works as expected.

  • Stephanie T. Bass - Great product!

    Renew life makes a great product! I trust this brand and it has helped me through health problems when I couldn't afford to go to the doctor (especially now with the insurance changes). I used this initially this with candigone but for maintenance I will continue to use this.