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  • Amazon Customer - The Most Amazing HAIR TRIMMER/ CUTTER

    I first came across Andis products from a friend of mine who cuts my hair.And I always said I had to get a good trimmer for my beard because every of other trimmer I had either didn't cut my hair low enough or would cause razor bumps on my face.So I decide to take a leap of faith and try this one.On the box, it say is the closest cutting blade(of course I seen that before),but I tried, it was a amazing cut.I was surprise how clean it left my face.SO it does what it says.But to add to the value of it, usual accessories found in hair cutting kit, but with one extra thing.The trimmer comes with information how to use it in different ways and also how to stop and eliminate razor bumps.I love it and highly recommended to anyone who has a problem with razor bumps or looking for the closest cut for shaping up, shaving or styling hair.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Poor Assembly Instructions

    If you are "assembly challenged" get someone else to assemble this machine because the instructions are very poor and you will go nuts trying to put this together. The very first bolts didn't line up. There were a few instances where the part or bolt numbers were wrong (Try finding the part #25 in step 4 it's really #24). Particularly frustrating was the electrical connections to the console. This was not diagrammed and poorly described. Then there were the screws from the inside of the machine. They do give you a little screw driver for those. Good luck if you have big hands.

  • Truth Seeker - Norton 2013 Comes In Box That Says 2012!

    First of all I was initially disappointed when I received this product. I thought they sent me an outdated version. It didn't have 2013 printed anywhere on the box. It said "PC Magazine Editor's Choice Sept 7 2011 Norton Antivirus 2012" in the upper right hand corner. However, at the bottom of the box, there was a yellow sticker that said "NAV 2013". Customer Service just sent me a return label - but I decided to keep the product and give it a try.

  • Galaga High Priestess - Not Impressed With House Of Fun

    House of Fun does have the best graphics on any of the slots games I have played thusfar and the games are colorful, beautiful and lots of fun. I was enjoying gaming with them until they charged me $9.99 in real cash for coins that I did not order. I have parental control settings turned on on my Kindle Fire, which means that any purchase made on my Kindle requires a password imputed by me. They even bypassed my password. Very unethical. Parents please reconsider having this app due to these horrible tactics they use to get your money. They also will rarely let you win and don't have many ways to keep playing for free. Try Slots Bonanza or Slots Vegas.

  • M. ONeil - I LOVE IT ... total time saver

    I am a terrible housewife from the get go ... this product is awesome. I'd like to simply say it made cleaning the floor easier (which in essence it has) ... but I had gotten so sick of the nasty mops and swiffer type clean up (with expensive refills) that I stopped mopping my floors unless absolutely necessary. Well I spotted this beauty and thought I would give it a try. I LOVE my new toy. I don't need to have my hands in the mess of dirty water. It will give a quick electric broom treatment, followed by a scrub and then even sucks up the dirty wash water. I flush it away (or toss it outside if its really bad) and keep going. I really can't believe how much it picks up compared to other items I've used. I will be getting one for my parents' beach house just to save me extra work there too.

  • Marcus Gamble - J.Cole Lays His Soul On These Tracks... #ColeWorld

    Man this album is straight fire from start to finish... J.Cole really put in work on this one. My top 3 favorite songs on this album are 1. Role Modlez 2. Tale of 2 Cities 3. O3' Adolescence .... Also I really dig Wet Dreamz, its a close runners up.... You really are slippin' if you haven't checked put this album... - Gamble

  • Patrick Coakley - BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Quick Books 2010 Defective

    BUYER BEWARE !!!! Quickbooks charges you ($79)from day one to support the product. The first time I went to use the product it failed. I called support over in the Phiippines and before they would look at the problem they need $79 dollars. Now mind you this is a problem on day one. I then called the corporate office, and talked to Terry and she confirmed NO $ MONEY NO FIX!! I explained again this glich is in their product on day one. I asked to talk to her manager and she responded she was the end of the line in the complaint department. I asked to have Brad Smith whom she said was the president to call me back and she said he will not talk to customers. That leaves the customer knowing that he doesn't care about customers or that there are too many complains to answer. Is Amazon ok with selling products that the vendors will not back? Check it out for yourself call Intuit Quick @ 650-944-6000 and ask for Brad Smith.