New South Wales Sexually Transmissible Infections NSW STIPU - NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Programs Unit is a gateway to information relating to the provision of sexual health services in New South Wales.

  • About - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - NSW STI Programs Unit was established in 2007 to implement certain statewide aspects of the NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy
  • Contact Us - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - The NSW STI Programs Unit is located at: Level 3 Nightingale Wing Sydney Hospital, 8 Macquarie St Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
  • General Practice and Pharmacy Resources - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - Forty-five per-cent of Australians diagnosed with an STI or blood borne virus receive treatment through General Practice.
  • STI Fact Sheets - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - The purpose of these fact sheets are to provide information for people, GPs and other health care workers.
  • STI Clinical Management - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - To view and order hard copies of available resources listed here, please to to the resources order form page.
  • Public Sector Resources - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - Specialist public sexual health services have an essential role in improving access to high priority groups and managing more clinical problems
  • STI Clinical Management - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - Guidelines, fact sheets and teaching resources for the clinical management of persons who have or at risk of sexually transmissible infections.
  • Patient Delivered Partner Therapy - ADOPT Project - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - In NSW, as part of the ADOPT study Patient Delivered Partner Therapy is being offered at some Sexual Health Clinics and some Family Planning Clinics.
  • STI/HIV Testing Guidelines for MSM - NSW STIPU NSW STIPU - Current Australian guidelines for STI and HIV testing for gay and other homosexually active men.

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