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  • Ldybg4u22 - Waste of money

    I didn't like this product at all. It was greasy. I didn't see any difference after about 1 month. My scalp didn't feel soothed or tingly or anything. I am not convinced it worked at all.

  • Sandy - Intense Flavor, Works Well

    I found the taste of this honey to be almost medicinal, but so were the effects. I had had the honey around for a couple of weeks when I came down with a sore throat and decided to take the honey for a test drive, so to speak. I used the honey 3 times in one day (1 tsp each time)...and the next morning I felt 100% back to normal. Would I have recovered that fast anyway from whatever was causing the sore throat? I don't know, but I do know that I went from feeling bad to feeling normal overnight. I am a big fan of Manuka honey now.

  • Auton - A handy tool and nice alternative to store bought soda

    We bought this after trying one out at a friends house. It is very quick and easy to use. The water bottle that comes with the unit holds 1 liter and seems very sturdy. But it cannot go in the dishwasher. For this reason we only use the included bottle to carbonate water in, then we mix our flavors in other bottles that are easier to wash. The flavor syrups are ok. I like the lemon lime and pink grapefruit varieties, but the cola is not to my taste. My only real complaint about the flavors is that they are all set up to make a liter. We usually only want a glass or two of flavored soda at a time. I wish they offered smaller mixes, for just a glass of soda. We did some research before we ordered and found a few places nearby that offered CO2 cylinder exchange. Another thing to watch out for is that the water bottles that come with this unit (and the extras that you can buy separate) have an expiration date because they are pressure vessels. If you buy these, be sure to check the expiration dates. The only other minor annoyance with this unit is that it is very tall, so much so that it won't fit in any of out kitchen cupboards. We use it often enough that it sits out on the counter, but it would be nice if it was easy to stow when we need the counter space.

  • LaSonya King - My son studies the book and seems to be getting ...

    My son studies the book and seems to be getting a lot from it. We will see whether he scores high enough for the AirForce. Fingers Crossed!

  • Divalicious Candi - Kills bedbugs!

    after laughing at all the harsh chemicals they had become immune to, this diatomaceous earth physically ripped to shreds the evil beings brought into my apartment building when "undesirable" neighbors in. After I killed the bugs, I bought a house so I never ever ever have to go through that horror again!!! When my house got invaded my carpenter ants that similarly laughed diabolically at chemicals, I busted out the leftover diatomaceous earth I had dragged over with me- saved my sanity & the investment on my house! Forget about expensive exterminators with chemicals that don't work- Terminix did nothing for me but take my money- GET THIS DIATOMACEOUS EARTH!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - (Was) an awesome price, no issues with Win 10 activation

    This was at an amazingly low price when I bought it ($417). Considering that, it's an awesome bargain.