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  • Cristin Buell - Highly recommend to any lawyer seeking to leave a steady job ...

    Highly recommend to any lawyer seeking to leave a steady job to venture out on their own after having experience. Even if you're partnering up, this is still a beneficial read that you will turn to multiple times after opening your firm. Good luck.


    First of all, I bought a disc, so I thought I was getting a standalone game, like other SimCity games that came before. I didn't read the fine print in the description, shame on me. So now I wonder, what was the point of sending me a disc and charging $5 in shipping when i had to download the game! The disc is basically an access key, that's all.

  • kevron - Flawless 4k Video

    I have always been a Monster guy for all my cables. I purchased a new 4k TV and figured out that I needed to upgrade at least a couple of my HDMI cables. I was not super thrilled with the price of the Monster 2.0 HDMI cables, especially compared to the price of the amazon cables. I figured, I had nothing to lose. I am glad I tried them. They feel like they are of decent quality and will not fall apart. The video quality is also flawless. Don't get me wrong, the Monster cables always have a luxury feel to them. However, these perform the same and Amazon stands by them with the same lifetime warranty. Like I said before. They are so inexpensive that you have nothing to lose.

  • Mark S. - Great product! Great customer service!!!

    Superior customer service!!! I originally wrote a poor review because my solar panels appeared to have permanent scuff marks, which I was unable to clean with a dry cloth. My assumption was, and remains, that it was a return item re-sold to me. Goal Zero reached out to me quickly and sent a replacement (which was the newer version). For some reason, I tried cleaning with a wet rag after the replacement arrived. Now I feel terrible for not trying that in the first place, because it worked for most of the scuff marks.

  • Nichole - Causes health issues

    My wife and I did this cleanse and experienced extreme health issues. Never lost a pound in the process. Followed directions to a tee! Ate nothing but greens and pills for about two weeks. After 14days my wife woke up in severe pain, it was if her gallbladder and kidneys were shutting down. Chiropractors are not medical doctors or nutritionists and have no business recommending such "cleanses". We called the company and they acted like we did something wrong, called our MD and she told us to eat a "real" meal and stop taking the pills. After 24hrs off the cleanse the pain stopped. Horrible! I like Standard Process for other herbs like Epimune and antronex but this cleanse should be taken off the market.

  • Breezy - like it

    Love how this works. The only thing I do not like about it was how big the tree prints out. I would have liked it to print on one sheet.