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  • Just Another Guy - Two issues.....

    The crossbars arrived in a day or two, so fast shipping. Two issues - one was that the bars, when positioned in the proper location (both front-to-back and left-to-right thanks to the handy tips here in the product reviews) were about 3/8 of an inch short of meeting the mounting rails on each side. I bolted them in, and they flexed into position. Seems ok and sturdy so far, but slightly concerning. Secondly, the product details on the amazon site says it has a load capacity of 165 lbs, but the instructions say a load capacity of 132 lbs. Doesn't impact carrying my kayaks, but that may be an issue for some purchasers. So the two issues loses two stars from an otherwise nice looking product.

  • Amazon Customer - BE RESPECTFUL

    I'm giving this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at the expense of cultures, histories and entire traditions. If you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead I recommend learning more about it and it's meaning, instead of wearing it as a costume because you think it looks cool.

  • Scrapbook Nut - Won't be without one

    I wore one out, so I had to get a new one. I'm in a wheelchair & this is light weight & so easy for me to use on my vinyl floors. It actually picks up more than my vacuum does on the hard floor setting. Won't be without one! I do not however like the wet ones. In my opinion, all it does it spread the dirt out thin so you don't see it. I use this with a bucket & a rag that I can take off, rinse out & just poke my rag onto it like I do the dry dusters.

  • GigiSxm - I would recommend this

    This product has changed my life. due to several abdominal and intestinal surgeries 'going' had become a chore and a 30 minute process as I can't push. This stool eliminates the need to push. I would recommend this product

  • Melissa Jones - Great tasting but a detox? Not so sure

    This tea is nice because it comes in the bag so you don't need an infuser for it. It tastes great and is very easy to drink the whole cup unlike other tea detoxes. I've been drinking it for about a week already and I've felt healthier but I'm unsure of it helping with weight loss. I guess I need to give it more time. The tea is very mild so it doesn't cause bathroom issues, which makes me think it's not really "detoxing" the body. Overall it's a very tasty tea!

  • D. Adams - Keurig, mind your own business and let me keep control!

    I'm dissatisfied with this purchase. It's my first time with a Keurig but not my first time with a "one cup coffee brewer." I had a Nescafe brewer in the past but ditched it as the coffee/tea selection was limited and not always available in my area (not to mention over priced in comparison with Keurig k-cups). I figured with Keurig having the reusable k-cup and the vast selection of coffee/tea with decent prices it might be worth putting out a lot more money into the machine. So I buy the 2.0 brewer as it seems logical to buy the newest version to me and what I find when I get it home is so far less than perfect.