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  • panda14 - I used this spray on my tiles in the bathroom ...

    I used this spray on my tiles in the bathroom to repel all the water that splashes on them. The water does bead off but the soap used in the shower apparently washes away the never wet so you have to reapply every so often

  • C. Young - I recommend going to Walmart and buying the $3

    It works but know that you will have to punch a hole in the cover for the antenna - this is the major flaw for the 2014 Mustang.

  • Andrea Rogers - excellent clamp on chair - but you can't use a clamp on everywhere...

    I love this clamp on high chair. It folds down flat and comes with its own attached carrying bag. I keep it in the trunk of my car, it fits in the pocket underneath our stroller, and I always bring it into restaurants with me. It's far more comfortable and more hygienic than a restaurant high chair - and it has the added bonus of having our little one share the table with us. (She can feel closer to the action and a little more included.) It also works in booths, where the strap on portable chairs have nowhere to strap on. I have friends who clamp it onto the counter top breakfast bar in their kitchen and love it. Unfortunately... it hasn't been perfect for us. We are regularly invited over to friends' homes for brunch or dinner and they have *nice* tables. I haven't tried it, but I can't imagine clamping anything to mahogany or cherry... so we end up borrowing a strap on portable chair (the straps seem to be less damaging to a nice chair than a clamp is to a table) or holding our little one in our lap and eating one-handed. Oh - and it also violates the righty-tighty/lefty-loosy rule! It's not a big deal, but every time I use it I have to remind myself to turn the clamps in the opposite direction. :)

  • Ted Crosson - Five Stars

    Fits my 2011 Grand Cherokee perfect. Much less noticeable than factory antenna. Good FM and Sirius reception.

  • Yesenia - I really like this product!

    This product really helps you feel energized during the day and suppresses your appetite so that you could watch what you eat. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Good entry level VR Headset

    I have now used this for almost 2 months and come to the conclusion that this is a very good entry level VR Set.If you are new to VR and want to experience what it feels like, this will suit your purpose.

  • John M. Rutledge - A Step Backwards

    After playing this game for many hours I can say that Maxis has taken a step backwards with this game, compared to SimCity 4.