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  • ted haslam - really interesting for we liberals to read

    So many parts of the books early chapters are riveting and supported by data selected to support the conundrum of our way of life. We can all see ourselves in this book even if we would like to be beyond its thesis. For once we do not blame our circumstances on racial profiling....however we do slip into a dissection that believes we control our future, we do not live a part of a global world and market, we can hope our way out of it, and that Americans are the ONLY exceptional people in the world. The book speaks to regaining our values without acknowledging that our values were built on colonialism, imperialism, acceptance of minority views if they were kept to themselves, and greed. The book seems to advocate Christian fundamentalism as the basis to American exceptionalism, when it was religious diversity and occasionally unfettered immigration that seems to have been more profound in the success of the American project. Fascinating read however .

  • Zero x Zero - Earphones with a unique design

    I've been using the Q900's for several days and they're pretty good earphones. The sound quality is distinct for highs, mids, and lows and they're comfortable to wear. The earbuds are snug in my ears, are lightweight, and the design is rather unique.

  • Dan Cavalieri - A great waste of money

    I bought two of these was was initially impressed with the design and manufacturer. That was until I unpacked the first chair for use at a convention. Behold, one of the position locks would not work at all. The chair was not usable as it always would recline with only one lock. A great waste of money, time and effort. I suggest you look for something better or that assures quality control of the finished product. This chaor was never checked for functionality.

  • warriornavada - Great

    Fit perfectly in car. And great for collecting all the sand/terf/dirt etc. that I track in! Everything washes off really easily! And I LOVE that these are made in America!

  • R. O'Kane - Just what I was looking for.

    I'm pushing 40 and my skin is feeling it. I have noticed a big change in my elasticity and the appearance appearance of lines. This retinal serum has seemed to help.

  • Kindle Customer - Ten Stars - We Love You Amazon

    For years, as "after school" grandparents for 3 teen grandkids, we've relied on this less expensive version of Microsoft Office to provide everything the kids as well as my husband and I need, within this package of office programs required by high schools, college, and at home. That's 5 stars there. But more than anything, at this time, we want to thank Amazon for their help with a heartbreaking experience. Our college aged granddaughter's Microsoft Surface Pro laptop was lost in the 500 year flood that hit Louisiana recently. She'd taken very good care of it going on three years, but the flood waters came on fast, unexpectedly, into areas that had never before flooded. She and her parents were evacuated and took shelter in a relative's home, and the waters continued to rise, so they were evacuated again by boat, and then again by wouldn't stop raining. Endless rain. Everywhere they took shelter took in flood water. Her family lost a lot and will be living with us for quite a while as they rebuild. School is a priority, though, so we purchased a replacement, a Dell laptop and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for her through Amazon. Only two weeks later she laid it on the hood of her borrowed car (yep, her car was lost in the flood also). She was distracted and drove out of the school parking garage with it still on the hood, so there went her new laptop. So far the laptop hasn't been turned in by whomever found it. It is difficult to watch our loved ones experience one life lesson after another, especially when they're just barely able to keep their chin up, but our granddaughter insisted on paying to replace the lost laptop herself. Amazon, however, broke a couple of their standard rules and replaced the Microsoft software for her at no charge, not even shipping. For the second time in less than a month, our granddaughter sat at our table and set up a laptop, loaded the Microsoft software with ease, and was back online to complete her assignments. Thank you again, Amazon. You get ten stars! We love you.