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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • j.b. - One of the best Fantasy books I've read in a long time!

    I really enjoyed this book. I have always swayed more to this style of writing. I have given this novel five stars for the different types of content throughout, the storyline began in a way of living and growing up in a life of nobility. Castles, the noble family within, how their lives can change in an instant. The future " Duchess" learning how to live life in a total new way. Mixing with the likes of the other half, no servants around to always take care of your needs. The differences of how " Tattoos" become so much a part of you and how you acquire them and by whom you meet, the ones who deliver the inks and patterns to your body and why. Each one meaning how you will live from now on and why? Taking back what you have lost, the pain of all things lost, but what you learn through all of this. A new way to begin again as you remember your young life and knowing what must be done. Starting to build again but with a new leader. I think if you are one of those who likes these kind of novels and can still dream a little about life in a different way, you will enjoy this read.

  • RixCritix - Roxio has no support

    Don't buy this software unless you can solve any problems yourself. There is no support to speak of. The online support takes 3 days to get a response. Most responses require that you do all the work. The instructions they give are inadequate, incomplete and ineffective. You never get the same analyst twice. They will try to close your problem automatically within 5 days if you don't keep on them. I never got my problem solved. The software doesn't work. You're on your own.

  • AmznFan - This is an awesome product to renew old prefabricated fiberglass tub/shower pan

    This is an awesome product. I used it on two different applications to renew old fiberglass shower panel and an old white bathtub. They looked just like new after the application.

  • Bernard Bynum - This is a great item to add to your shop of tools

    This is a great item to add to your shop of tools. I used the jig to build my storage cabinet. I constructed the box out of 3/4 in birch plywood and made a top and face frame with africian mahogany. I used pocket joints on everything even the face frame. I have been doing woodworking for many years (40 plus) and never knew how pocket joinery could be so easy and make projects look great. I would recommend viewing the dvd that comes with the jig before starting a project. This product is great!

  • Roger T. Panek - Very Satisfied

    These products were a perfect fit, all accessories were included, and the directions were clear and concise. There was no indication as to where they were made, so maybe American made, I hope. I highly recommend this company.

  • Escondido - Not to be missed!

    What a terrific series! Billy Bob Thornton is excellent as an attorney with a drinking problem and a messed up life, divorced and booted out of the firm he co-founded. He still practices law in a haphazard way when a seemingly simple case concerning an insurance payout comes knocking on his door. Billy (also his character's name) smells a rat and can't help but begin a torturous search for the truth. There's much illegality committed by an evil defense contractor, so Billy's quest isn't easy. The growth of complexity in the plot is most delicious. The acting and the production are both first-rate. Already I'm longing for season 2.