TheHikingChildāŽœ Go Hiking With Your Kids - Hiking with kids is a fun, smart, and healthy adventure for your family. We help you go hiking, camping, backpacking, explore nature, love life, and be safe.

  • The Best Child Carrier For Hiking | TheHikingChild - The child carrier, or kid carrier, is essential for hiking with kids. What is the best child carrier backpack? We teach you what to look for when choosing one.
  • How To Prevent Blisters | TheHikingChild - Blisters can happen to anyone. Preventing blisters is not rocket science, but a matter of boot fit. Learn to fit hiking boots and prevent blisters from forming.
  • The Best Knife For Hiking And Camping | TheHikingChild - What is the best knife for hiking and camping? Swiss Army knife, survival knife, pocket knife, an edc, fixed blade, full tang? Read our knife recommendations.
  • Set Simple Objectives When Hiking With Kids | TheHikingChild - Hiking with kids is an amazing way to grow as a family and educate your children. But parents should curb their ambitions and set objectives attainable to kids.
  • Knife Techniques For Safe Cutting | TheHikingChild - How to use a knife safely? We present 7 knife techniques that ensure safe and effective cutting with a knife. Teach your children how to use a knife safely.
  • First Post The Hiking Child | TheHikingChild - Thank you everyone for making TheHikingChild a reality. Please visit us, subscribe and share. Then, "Go Hiking With Your Children!"
  • Which Mosquito Repellent Is Safe For Kids? | TheHikingChild - You can't avoid mosquitoes, but you can protect against them. We review the most popular types of mosquito repellents and give you some safe and natural advice.
  • How To Use A Knife Safely | TheHikingChild - Should children use knives? Yes, but first you need to teach kids how to use a knife safely. Learn tips for using a pocket knife, edc, or fixed blade safely.
  • First Aid Kit For Hiking With Children | TheHikingChild - Safety first is the best approach, but mistakes do happen when hiking with kids. When they do, you need the best first aid kit for hiking with children.
  • Safe Sunscreen That Works Against UVA & UVB | TheHikingChild - The best uva sunscreen is none at all, but if you have to protect against uv then select only natural zinc based protection. The EWG suggests badger sunblock.
  • How To Treat Bee And Wasp Stings | TheHikingChild - How to prevent bee and wasp stings? How to treat bee and wasp stings? Did your child get stung by a bee? Learn to prevent and treat bee and wasp stings here.
  • Honey Lemon Tea Is Perfect For Hiking | TheHikingChild - Honey Lemon Tea is the best drink for hiking with children. Learn how to prepare tea that your family will love, and leave the sports drink on the store shelf.
  • The Best Breakfast For Hiking With Kids | TheHikingChild - Oatmeal and crepes are the best breakfast to eat before going hiking. Follow our simple recipes and make a delicious breakfast that your kids will love.
  • Pick Your Own Blueberries When Hiking | TheHikingChild - Picking blueberries when hiking is fun for the whole family, and they are packed with nutrients. Wild blueberries are also delicious and turn your tongue blue.

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