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  • AAA133 - Genuine!

    This case is great! I wanted to make sure it was the genuine speck instead of a knock-off and it seemed to be all good when I got it. Has special pores on the inside, like the speck case I once bought at the apple store. It protects INCREDIBLY WELL. I have dropped my phone many times and it has been fine. The only part that gets worn is the bottom of the case, right underneath the home button, so eventually it will need replacement. But with heavy every-day use, it will last at least a year!

  • Medstudent - Came fast: product as described

    Came fast: product as described. Helpful book to have (main points of topics) while learning from other books. If you use it while you're learning I think it will be even more benificial when you use it again for USMLE step 1 review.

  • Deidralw - Works great!

    Works great in my Lincoln Aviator and Dodge Stratus! Didn't have any problems restraining my dog with it. I have a medium sized pomeranian. I used his harness with it. Definitely would recommend!

  • Jessica - Great Family Fun!

    We play this game for hours at a time and have a great time. If you love watching the show, you will love this game. It is easy to use and tons of fun. We also have a Family Feud game for playstation which wasnt as good (if bicycle was the answer and we typed in bike, it would not recognize it), but this version is much improved. I highly recommend this game for TV game show lovers.

  • StephenWL - not impossible to swollow!

    All vitamins are not created equal. First off I'd like to say I received a ten day sample to give a shot.. And went through 8 days already. I have used optimen for the last few months and been pretty happy, but having a shot at something that costs less from EVL, a company I have learned to love.. I couldn't say no! I feel like it competes directly with ONs products at a lesser cost. I also I found that I could take it in the morning with much less of the "vitamin burps"...HUGE plus. I will be procuring a larger sized VITAMODE very very soon. Definitely another quality product from EVL!!

  • celticmaggie - Twelve Days of Christmas

    I know it is a bit early for Christmas. However you don't pass up a book from Debbie! For me it isn't a good book without tissues-sad and happy. Debbie has put a switch up in this story line. Instead of a blog on a book it is a book about a blog. Awesome. Julia is a happy person. Cain is a recluse. Put them in an elevator and watch the sparks.Spoiler. They live in the same apartment.Danger. They don't like each other so she comes up with a spoiler to change his Christmas. Along the way she meets Cain's grandfather in a home. Cain blows his top. Good times turn bad. Cain has finally found she has used him for her blog. Major Spoiler! I liked this book with all the rest of her books. This is quick read. It will become a reread book for me. This is recommended for anyone to read. I h you choose to read this story. Start Christmas early this year. Enjoy this story! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

  • Dan G. - I absolutely love Affresh tabs

    I absolutely love Affresh tabs. I have a HE, front-load washing machine and these tablets keep things fresh and clean. I keep the door closed between washing cycles, and after a few weeks or so, there is a tendency to get a mildew smell and mold buildup on and near the rubber seals. I also have a toddler and do A LOT of laundry. I try to keep the door open and the rubber seals dry after each use, but that's nearly impossible with a 3 YO closing the door whenever he sees that it's open! These tablets have been so helpful in keeping my washing machine clean! They fully dissolve during the clean cycle and remove any debris and odor that has built up between cleanings. The tablets are easy to use - just put inside the drum and select the appropriate cycle. Done! The tablet dissolves quickly so you don't need to worry about a loud, banging sound in the drum or damage to the drum itself. Once the cycle is complete, the inside of the washing machine is clean, smells fresh, and keeps clothes from picking up any mildew smell that may linger. I typically use these tablets once a month. They are great!