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City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • Jackie Perl - I simply can not say enough good things about this hair mask

    I simply can not say enough good things about this hair mask. I have very long and thick hair that has become very difficult to manage at times, and I have been looking for a solution that will help keep it manageable and also help to repair some of the damage that has been done to my hair as I have colored it multiple times and used a lot of curling irons and straightening irons on it over the years. This hair mask is the perfect solution. I am a graduate student who is most definitely balling on a budget, but this hair mask is so affordable because you only need to use it one time per week so it is definitely going to last you a very long time. It smells absolutely amazing and you really start to notice real changes in your hair after just one use. The bottle design is cool and young and I must admit that may have been what originally drew me to this product, however I have continued to use it because of how well it works and how amazing it has made my hair look. I am definitely very satisfied with my purchase and I am definitely going to be a long time purchaser of this product. Keeva Organics is definitely a brand that I know and trust because they make high quality products such as this one. I would definitely recommend this product very highly to any one who is looking to totally transform the appearance of their hair. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my open and honest review. The views and opinions that have been expressed here are completely my own and have not been influenced in any way, shape, or form.

  • Ghleehanna - I'm so glad I exchanged this one for the other one I ...

    I'm so glad I exchanged this one for the other one I had purchased the other Grail the metal one but it didn't have a little clip on it where you could put onto the side of your purse so you had to actually put it into your purse which I don't like that or you had to hold on to it and then lose it and drop it and then wish that wasn't good so I like this one because I can put a key clip on it and cook it to my person that I don't lose it and I don't believe it places because it's actually clipped onto me I just wish they made it instead of out of plastic out of metal like the other one but the other one didn't have a clip on it so that was the one bad thing with this product

  • Katie - This game rocks!

    I bought this game for my husband for Christmas when it went on sale and he was super excited when he opened it. He has played it a few times and I can already see an improvement. It's like guitar hero but on a real guitar. It has a ton of songs loaded on it to chose from, has an arcade mode which is pretty cool, and it has the lesson section. I think just about anyone could learn to play the guitar with this game. It starts at the very beginning and constantly progresses. Each time you play a song, the next time you play it, it has adjusted to make it a little harder. It took a little while to get the calibration and the reverb set correct but once it was tuned in everything was good. I'm not sure if someone real advanced at playing guitar already would use this game just because it seems aimed more at beginners. We showed his brother the game when he was over and he went out the next day and bought it and says he really likes it too.

  • Nicolas D. - About as helpful as you could hope for

    There are a lot of things I liked about this book. For starters, it is written pretty coherently, and generally does not get too wordy. With the topic it is covering this is a feat in and of itself. The color schemes they use throughout the book to separate different examples, figures, etc further makes the book accessible.

  • HILDA SALAMA - Not the best book, after passed the test from the second ...

    Not the best book, after passed the test from the second time I noticed that it has nothing to do with what I got in the test.

  • DragonWolf - Totally enthralling

    This new story line incorporates some old friends, some new one's. From page 1 I was hooked and couldn't put it down. The detail in the story, in this world is totally awesome. I can't wait for more!!!