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  • Littlebird - They're O.K. Nothing special

    After reading all the rave reviews here and all the pans of BC Potato Buds (which I like fine), I was expecting something wonderful. They're fine for potato flakes, but not any better, in my opinion, than the BC ones. I don't like the pre-measured bags, which are not an appropriate size for me, forcing me to measure and calculate each time I make them. In addition, the expiration date was very soon after the date I received them, although they were fine later than that. Eventually I just threw them out and went back to BC Potato Buds, which I can dip out from the box in exactly the amount I want

  • Queshelle - Ehhh these were just ok...

    It was just okay. In the beginning for maybe like the first week or two, it worked awesome. I wanted to get up and workout while taking these, It took 2 per day for 30 days and I don't really think I lost that much weight but I can say that it helped me to find my motivation to start working out again.

  • Kylie - absolutely not happy with it

    if you are just trying this out I recommend asking a friend that has some instead of buying, I had recently tried this and called to cancel a little over a month after having it absolutely did nothing to my hair but shortly after I had tried to cancel I got billed, so I then tried to call and cancel again the lady said there's nothing she could do the shipment was already sent out before I had called well shipment arrives she says I'll have to send the box back to them and then in about 3-4 weeks I will receive my money back, I decide to just keep it since they had already took the money and it was pumpkin I love everything pumpkin, but the next month after that I had been charged again I had then called in for the third time to cancel and the lady said my account had never been canceled and that I was charged for the shipment that I decided to keep so I have been charged twice for one package, today I wake up to find out my bank account is -$30 because yet again they have took money I call in for the fourth time to see why I got charged and just now find out the shipment I had decided to keep was 3 months worth supply and so I get charged 3 times, absolute bull worst company ever and I have only opened one bottle from that whole package. Absolutely not worth anyones money DONT DO IT!!!

  • strat - lifecell

    Complete disaster. I used it for 4 days and my face started getting dry and red and lines seem to magnify. the stuff about lines not being visible to the human eye with this cream is total sales pitch. It smells like a skunk when you put it on and drys your skin very bad. It is supposed to be a super moisturizer but I think it does the complete opposite. I had to apply vitamin E cream day and night for a week to undo the damage that this stuff does. I have used IS clinical products in the past and they work great. everybody should try the firming complex from them. It works fast and over time really gives you that 20 year old skin everybody is looking for. I have come to think that there is no cure for lines under your eyes and most stuff only masks it. I can't even say that for Lifecell. It is a total sales pitch and does nothing but worsen the problems you are trying to remedy.

  • polecat - Super-comfortable, pretty, and shapely

    Love, love this bra! I'm a tall woman with a 36(more like 35)A chest, who's had a terrible time finding any bras that fit, and this bra is the holy grail for me. I wear the 34B (using the last set of closure hooks) in this one. It has just enough contouring and lift and has long enough straps that don't slip. It hugs my bust and enhances my size subtly, with enough coverage so that it doesn't show through fitted T shirts and sweaters. And no scratching or chafing whatsoever! No tags, and the materials are all very soft to my sensitive skin including the lace which adds a nice femme detail. I also like the strap adjustment is in the back, not front, so there's not plastic hardware showing through tight shirts. Totally happy they came out with this one!