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  • Akpride89 - I love this protein powder

    I love this protein powder, it is so good. I have found I only like it with sweetened vanilla almond milk though, the unsweetened gives it a horrible taste in my does thicken up a lot if you let it sit (which I do because Iike it thick!) for about 5 minutes or more. It's never turned into sludge, just thick. I would definitely recommend this for somebody looking for dairy free or vegan protein powder! I've used it as a meal replacement and it has kept me plenty full for a couple of hours. I do use a draping scoop with 16oz of vanilla almond milk. It's just my personal ration that I like to get the thickness and taste I like :)

  • M. Mccarthy - It works.

    I have had this since 2013 and hadn't use it until Feb 2016. My husband used it because of a recent back injury. He said it releived some of his pain. I'm a massage therapist and about 9 months ago I broke my elbow and hurt my low back. Sciatica was bad from buldging discs. My arm was painful at the elbow and my other arm was tight in my deltoids and I couldn't lift it or move it without pain. My back was hurting, and my right knee had been bothering me for 2 weeks. I decided to use the machine. It had instant results in all the areas mentioned above and I was able to work almost pain free the next day. This will get regular use from now on.