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  • Dhruv - Not even worth $10

    Worst product ever bought. You have to pay after you go in. And you cant watch all the episodes. You need to provide the cable service provider and its username and password. Its a literal piece of s***.

  • Nancy M Lucky - Great product! My Vet encouraged me to use it as part of their daily care!

    I love this product. I have two small chihuahua's and chihuahua's are prone to dental disease like many small breed dogs. They hate for me to touch their mouth and trying to brush their teeth is almost an impossible task. I noticed each one of my dogs had lost a tooth and they are now 5. & 6 years old and want to keep them healthy. I took them to the Vet and it was $400.00 to have their teeth cleaned as they have to be put to sleep. I wish I had seen this product sooner. What I love about it is you do not have to use a toothbrush as if my dogs see a toothbrush they run. You just put this on your finger and rub on their teeth. I do it after they eat at night and while I am giving them a belly rub and just incorporate rubbing their teeth as part of affection. They do not mind at all and it mist taste good to them or they would not let me do it. It has been several months since I had their teeth cleaned and the plaque has not come back. If you have a new puppy start them on this immediately as good dental health is important to dogs just like us, I do not want them to lose their teeth and my Vet looked at the ingredients and thought it was a great product, if your dogs teeth are really bad you may need to have them cleaned first unless you have a dog that enjoys getting his teeth cleaned.

  • Tony - They worked!

    Most importantly, I saw a big difference by the time I finished all 14 days of this product. The strips were very easy to apply and stayed on my teeth for the full 30 minutes without moving or slipping at all. They were very comfortable and after two or three days, you become used to it that you don't even feel them any more. The taste of the gel on the strips was not bad at all and the strips were very easy to take off. The residue left on the teeth was not bothersome at all and easy to wipe off. Also, my gums and teeth DID NOT become sensitive after using this product, which I was very happy with.

  • d1gg1ninthacr8s - He and such artists like Kendrick, Lil Wayne

    J.Cole shines in that he unabashedly expresses his ideas and emotions with clever/well-thought lyrics, metaphors, and rhymes. With some of his most profound statements, I've found myself pondering similar musings.