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  • Robert W. Kohl - Everything works easier.

    Works & protects at all temperature. Reduces the effort it takes to turn the gears at all temperature.

  • mark - A must have for indoor gardens!

    This light is by far worth the money, i bought this light first, and thought i could save some money and buy a cheaper one for a second light and that was my mistake, it was extremly poor quality, chrap plastic LEDS not nearly as bright, and it didnt have the yellow and whites along with the blue and redlike the viper does, these lights are made with such quality and are extremly bright, has a switch so you can use one or both sides, comes with the hanger already attached, and its been working like a charm, my veggies are roaring, all in all i bought a second why because i couldnt resist, great all around product, and the fans to help cool the light are very quite and its extremly efficent, if you have yhe money dont go anywhere else, or any cheaper cause it wont be worth it, these are the lights you need!

  • AngrySanta - Miracle in a Bottle!

    Miracle in a bottle? Well, after 2 days it seems like it, but we'll see what time will tell. Before reading this, realize that this car is almost 13 years old and I can't afford a $2,000 repair. If it were only a few years old I would probably break out my credit card and shell out the money to get it fixed properly.

  • slec - Misunderstood title

    Thought it was a book about Constipation Revolution. But it was just full of crap, much like the author himself.

  • Phillip M. - Great features for a low cost

    I purchased one of these through groupon about a year ago to do some outdoor movies. The wireless internet connection is great for running Netflix and Hulu and picks up a signal from a good distance. The focus and keystone settings are a little hard to work with at times and the built in speakers are loud but seem to be a little on the high pitch side. I did have to send send my unit in to the service department and despite my disappointment, the service department at Pyle replaced my unit when they could not fix it. So an A++ for customer service. I have had my second unit for 3 months and have had no problems at all. Over all I have had a good experience with this product.

  • Plax - Good bluetooth headset with nice sound output

    For the price it's a good bluetooth headset. The sound gets loud and accepatable for regular use. It's not for audiophiles so don't expect bose quality from it. The battery lasts me 6 to 8 hours, charging to full took an hour and a half or so...