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  • Minnesota Ranger - FREE doesn't mean free all the time

    Using my brand new Magic Jack Plus (MJ), I called a FREE conferencing phone number and the call was hijacked by MJ. A recorded message told me that I would need to purchase time to connect to the number. I thought FREE meant FREE.

  • Kaitlin Kelly - Works for me

    I am 24 and have mostly hormonal, moderately severe acne. I am prone to deep pimples that last for a long time. I am not able to take hormones to clear it up anymore, so it got pretty bad. I tried Proactiv, Burt's Bees, Neutrogena, stuff from the dermatologist, etc. This is the first thing to make a difference. I'm going to have some pimples no matter what I do, but after a few months of use, I'm only dealing with a few pimples at a time, instead of having them all over my cheeks and neck. I never get pimples on my forehead or chin anymore. Also the blackheads on my nose are gone. So now I don't even have what I would consider "acne" - just a couple red pimples to cover up in the morning.

  • RockyMountain14 - Month after month of hair loss and no regrowth. Major disappointment.

    Months of daily usage and this product has caused more hair loss and no regrowth. I understood that there would be some initial loss, but my slight bald spot had become thinning all over. Disappointed that I continued the usage for so long because of the promise of regrowth. Now I need to scramble to save what is left of my hair. Amazon Prime is five star for service, even that was not enough to take this overall rating above two stars.

  • Michael Wojcik - I used this with my Keurig so I can enjoy my non-k-cup coffee and i don't have to switch ...

    I used this with my Keurig so I can enjoy my non-k-cup coffee and i don't have to switch out the parts in the coffee maker itself. Works great and easy to clean. I have not seen any coffee grinds make it past the mesh and I have used very fine grounds in it....

  • Maracate - Top Product

    This is by far my favorite drawing program on the market. It's neat, easy to use, and you can get some pretty high-quality work with it. My only compliant is that they haven't come out with a version of Sketchbook that is Windows 8 compatible - though you can still use this on a windows 8 device, not all of the features will work properly.

  • Denise Maier - not for me

    If you have any kind of digestive issue this may not work for you. It was far too harsh for my system and did not agree with me. Even though I drink large amounts of water, my digestion more effectively shut down rather than cleaned out when using this product.