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  • Irrational - It certainly does what it says

    I live in an apartment, so when you have roaches, EVERYONE has roaches. I've tried various products and remedies (even my aunt's "Cuban Remedy") and had little success. I am asthmatic and I have a 1 year old so I was wary of this product. I've always had a sensitivity to aerosols and this one looks big and scary. The can says flushes and kills roaches. It does. My boyfriend sprayed while I was at work and when I came home the only reason I knew he'd done it was the scattering of corpses on the floor. We swept them up and went to bed. The next morning there were more corpses. For the next 2 days there were corpses. After a week they started coming back and we sprayed again. Bengal works, but our neighbors aren't treating the roaches so they will keep moving back. And we will keep massacring them with Bengal.

  • Al Bud - One of the best Anti-virus

    I have been a yearly subsciber of Webroot anit-virus for almost a decade. To date they are always in the top three if not the best rated protection on the planet. I buy then in three packs for all the computers I maintain. The company tech support is absolutely flawless and has fixed any issue with conflicts with applications quickly. Support responds quickly and on top of their game to resolve any issues. Recommend this package for any PC.

  • fourdegreesc - Sloppy application

    This works ok, but if you have a small area to burn off, it won't let you limit to a small spot. This would work way better with larger area for application.

  • Nicholas T. Elsishans - Truly Amazing

    I tried this product with a great deal of skepticism. I was amazed at the reality. My hair feels clean, soft and silky but with a lot of body, and by the end of the day, it still feels that way! I wash my hair every day because I want it clean and hate oily hair, this product safely let's me wash every day and the hair stays in very healthy condition. I used to use four products to deal with my hair, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and gel. With WEN I only use the single product. My hair is healthier, shinier and more attractive than it has ever been. I rarely get enthusiastic about a product, least of all a hair care product, but this is different. WEN is amazing.

  • kate bowling - I have very fine, very straight hair

    I have very fine, very straight hair. I was always envious of women who had those perfectly curled tresses. I have tried curling irons, curling wands, curling with a straightener... nothing really gave me the look I was after. I reluctantly purchased a Tyme iron after seeing the ads on Facebook and watching some Youtube videos. I can honestly say it's the best styling product I've ever used. It takes a few tries to get the hang of using it, but once you do, you can have gorgeous hair in a matter of minutes. I have medium length hair and it takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish. I do have to use some hairspray/product to make it last all day, but I attribute that to my fine, slick hair. I am so happy with it and recommend it to anyone. I love it!

  • Useful and in fashion - Useful and in fashion

    As a student i have always believed in working hard and tried to master the concepts and material covered in the medical school curiculum.It did bring very good grades but I am afraid thats not enough for USMLE. As this book tells USMLE has focus that can be different from what is covered in medschool. A good school will have covered the material but this book will help you look at it the way you can score more on USMLE( esp. the clinical slant of the exam) .The advice are judicious and invaluable for an IMG. I read the advice early on and it helped me mentally prepare for the exam. It maybe hard to go through the review books adviced when doing your course work but borrowing them and orienting yourself to them maybe useful.The book reviews are good. This book doesnt do any magic for you. The best prepration is still studying hard during the course.Goodluck on the exam.