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    Country:, Europe, UA

    City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • Ragz - Great on my S4. Not so much on my Lumia Icon.

    Does not appear to work too well with Lumia Icon. Was having some 1/4 second skips here and there and some connection problems from time to time. I inquired with customer service and they said that maybe it was not compatible with the phone. I use Bluetooth headphones with my Lumia and my 2012 Civic with Bluetooth works fine with the Lumia. It seems to be working good with my Samsung S4. Long story short I would not buy for Windows phone but great for Android. At least the S4. Have not tested Apple.

  • Stan Eng - Poor connection and only last 2 hrs off charge

    Poor connection and only last 2 hrs off charge. Now not working and will just chalk it as another loss.

  • Penumbra - Space and budget friendly desktop computer

    Having given up on desktop units years ago because of the bulk, the HP 21-2010 All-in-One has been a very pleasant experience. One flat screen monitor houses all the processors and drives that used to require a suitcase sized metal box on the floor.


    My little sister lived in Hawaii and swore by this product. When she came to the main land I was in hair envy!! I asked her the secret and she directed me to this Kitoko oil Treatment. I love it! my hair has never been so healthy and long. Hands down one of the best hair products I have ever used. I have wavey hair and get the frizz all the time. This oil tames my mane whether I am going natural or straightening, or styling. I have been spreading the word about this item and this seller!

  • Summer B. Frace - The LeapPad was already a great product. The Ultra is really great.

    My 5-year old daughter absolutely loves her LeapPad and she was thrilled to get a brand new LeapPad Ultra. I think if you're looking at both and trying to decide, the Ultra is the way to go if it's within your budget. Yes, it's a lot more expensive, but I think overall it's a better product with better longevity. My quibbles with it are very minor, but I'll list the things I like and things I don't like quite as much about the product when comparing to the LeapPad/LeapPad 2.

  • Amazon Customer - Tech for 17 years. If it walks like a duck.......

    How dare they say that Symantec an American company since 1995 is a foriegn company. They know no bounds when it come to bad business practice. All foreign sol products including Kapersky a Russian Company with an American outlet have multinational outlets. Norton or Symantec the parent company gets its foreign website displayed by PC Matic and are saying it's a forieg company. They were already warn ed about saying that the leading antivirus firms were ineffective. PC Matic corrupts more registries then it fixes and is backed by no reputable antivirus company. Flat out junk.