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  • belljohnson - peachtree

    I loved the price and the free 30 day support I received with the product. I purchase it again from Amazone

  • Snacker - Works

    I started using this product because I noticed after doing a lot of cardio that my butt was beginning to flatline. I usually get a lot of compliments on my butt and absolutely hate a flat butt (on myself..along with hating skinny legs on myself).

  • Paul G. Downey - Thoughtful reading

    I used "Aesop's Fables" as part of my spiritual readings in the mornings. The fables were written 2600 hundred years ago and are still in vogue today. The book's presentation was excellent. The reason I choose the kindle version is I could reference words or ancient place easily. You can pause and reflect on each fable or move on. I had no problems with the edition and the print was good.

  • Anthony Adams - Solid screen protector

    Saw this on UnboxTherepy via YouTube. Lou did a great job explaining the product. My only complaint and it's minor is that it doesn't cover all of the screen.

  • J M P - DANGER not for people with soy allergies or thyroid disfunction

    This product despite description advertised does contain soybeans. Says so right on the label. If you are allergic beware. Most hypothyroid people are keenly aware that soy products have a negative impact on thyroid replacement uptake and possibly thyroid function entirely but as Tonalin is also suggested for those with a possible thyroid function issue that does not test to be a problem you might be making things worse instead of better. You can read several clinical studies suggesting that soy can make your thyroid worse--if you are not familiar with why soy is bad for thyroid function google it first before you decide if this product is a good idea.