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  • Child growth (Baby developmental milestones) - A newborn baby is a fragile loving part of you, who is growing all the time. Babies not only grow physically but also develop social, communication and cognitive skills with the age.
  • Vaccination App for Doctors | Vaccinebox - Vaccination app for digital vaccination charts. Send SMS reminders and manage inventory for vaccines using Vaccinebox
  • UIP IAP and WHO recommended Vaccine Schedule for India - Latest Vaccination Schedule for India based on Universal Immunization Program (UIP) and (IAP) as per WHO guidelines for Vaccination Charts
  • Smile turns to giggles - Baby’s first laugh is one of the best moments in parenthood to enjoy. This milestone is expected to be achieved around 3-4 months.
  • Is your baby ready to crawl? - When and how do babies start crawling? Various Crawling styles. Is there a need to worry if your child hasn't started crawling yet? Things to watch out.
  • When do babies realize the reflection in mirror as their own? - Have you observed your little one looking at the mirror attached to the crib or wall continuously? Baby seems to socialize with her reflection believing it as another baby, present on other side of mirror.
  • Rolling over (4-6 months) - Babies are very active small people. By 4 months of age they start rolling over. This milestone is achieved right after getting full head control. Babies love to roll as by this, they get the ability to move for the first time.
  • Growth spurt in Babies - Worn out? Are you feeding every next hour through day and night? Yeah. Must be feeling like a walking “mother dairy” for your baby. Your baby is going through the growth spurt.

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  • Joe Reviewer - long time shimano fan, not happy with the shoes

    I have lots of shimano bike gear, shoes, and fishing gear. I bought these shoes to replace a 10 year old pair. I ride trails but also take spin classes at the gym. Almost immediately, my feet started hurting. The soles on the shoes are not rigid like other bike shoes I have owned, including shimano. The bend, which is not good when standing up for 5 minutes riding on a stationary bike. I feel like I have rock feet. I can put on other shoes and there is not problem. I sent the shoes back to shimano, and they sent me another pair of the same. I am not going to try them again but will try to get an exchange for something more sturdy. They are okay for riding an outside bike while sitting down mostly. But for standing up, they are not sufficient.

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    It's really hard to find a product that holds my curly hair in place without making it look stiff and unnatural like gel. Most products I have found that work cost like $20 for a little jar. This stuff works awesome and smells nice for a fraction of the price. Definitely the best putty at this price point.

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    DH suffers from plantar fasciitis and bursitis in his knee. He uses this on both daily. He's on his feet a lot as a golf course cart boy and when walking our dogs daily. This cream seems to bring him relief. Highly recommend.

  • Baby's Slave - A friend with super dry skin introduced this product to me

    A friend with super dry skin introduced this product to me. I was hesitated but wow I love it. I put it in my gym bag. One bottle for the whole body. I apply it on my face and massage for a minute, then apply to my body. It's my spa in the locker room. :D This oil doesn't leave greasy feel to my skin. After rubbing and massaging, it doesn't feel like oil on my skin at all. It also has a very light and pleasant smell, I'd say it's a hint of smell when applying and then it's gone.

  • R. Bourland - highly recommend

    I've tried several of these programs and for the price range of this product nothing else compared. I would highly recommend this to anyone designing their home!