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  • Michelle in WI - SonOfAB***h!

    It was my mistake for not fully reading the other reviews. In my haste to finally get outlook to work in my bathroom, I failed to grasp that the book was about the forecast of manufacturing of Wood Toilet seats in China. So I'm out Five Hundred bucks, but I'm a little wiser having now read my purchase. I never expected to ever learn so much about the production of toilet seats. While I'm still unable to get outlook to work while I'm in the bathroom, I now have a greater appreciation for my newly purchased wooden toilet seat that was created in China. A fascinating read and one that kept me on the edge of my new toilet seat. So ignore the pounding on the bathroom door from the rest of the members of your household and get this book. It was the best 72 hours of my life. Although I did suffer from leg cramps and eventual numbness from sitting down for so long, but it was worth every moment.

  • Brad B - Do not purchase this product

    I bought this through Amazon but the BlueDevil Company did not stand behind the warranty. They were very rude and difficult to work with. Not happy with them at all and the product did not work. I spent many hours working with this product. You have to remove the thermostat run it for about an hour after removing all of the antifreeze, then remove the product, then add back in the antifreeze. This is not for a novice. You do need to have proper tools which I do have. I would recommend that Amazon not sell this product.

  • WZieska - ... school year (with daily wear) they are holding up pretty well (he is really tough on shoes)

    I bought these for my for my second grade boy and 6 weeks into the school year (with daily wear) they are holding up pretty well (he is really tough on shoes). My one complaint is that only 1 of the 5 lights on each shoe is working after 6-weeks, but it's not so much about the lights as how long a $50 pair of shoes lasts, so overall I'm pleased so far.

  • Pashusa - good tool for a good price.

    I have used these grinders for years in a professional shop. They stand up to everyday all day use. I am sure it will far exceed my needs at my home shop.

  • William P Schwarz - Highly recommended!

    I had never been a believer in astrology, horoscopes, etc. However, during a time of crisis in my life, a family member suggested that I turn to Suzanne's book for guidance. I was taken aback by the creepily prescient suggestions. Not only did her advice help me with some difficult decisions, but the lighthearted prose also had me laughing out loud. These days, I find it harder to be my normal doubting Thomas! I highly recommend her book.