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  • Meredith M. Smith - I love the treatment, hate the moisturizer, and use a different cleanser

    I've used acne.org products for about 4 years. I can confidently say that if I cleanse gently, apply treatment, and then apply moisturizer twice a day, my skin is very clear. I have adult acne that is not much better than the terror I went through as a teenager. I also have it all over my back, chest, and upper arms. Sometimes elsewhere. I use the BP on my face only, and love the other AHA product for the body acne (use daily for a month at least and your body acne will clear up enough so you can look normal with skin showing).

  • N. Stepro - And they were the culmination of prophecy how exactly?

    There was so much wrong with this movie its hard to say what's right. Dale Midkiff and De Young as stars promised more than was delivered (but at least they can act). The acting of the supporting cast was atrocious. Ami Dolenz' EMT was particularly badly done for a professional actor. The others were almost painful to watch esp. Dolenz' 'mom', but they weren't professionals. Sadly, actors becoming Christians apparently means never acting w/professionals again.

  • shannon reliford - I love this. It's perfect

    This is so my 130lbs Rottweiler can ride with me and not tear up my console. I love this. It's perfect.

  • oneZANYgirl - Description should be better/clearer

    I have bought a Swiffer starter kit earlier and I have no issues with the product. However I feel that the description of the item is insufficient. This a a 2 in 1 starter kit. (even though it is priced higher than the 3 in 1 starter kit available on and sold by Amazon itself). I would have never ordered it if I knew this. Both these items are available for a dollar lesser (each) in costco (without any coupon).