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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Alittlebirdlost - Long, straight, straight, straight hair...

    I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER been able to get a curl in my hair. I got a perm when I was a kid and the ish fell out! Anyways, I bought this at Target just in case I needed a QUICK AND EASY return (smell what I'm stepping in, Amazon?), and I have to say I am amazed. I read the directions thoroughly, because let's face it - this thing looks a little terrifying and conjures memories of getting my hair wrapped up in a spiral brush as a kid. Small brushed pieces, 1-inch, face towards the head, yadda yadda, some beeping, stay calm...VIOLA - magic curls. I actually plugged this beautiful baby in at my desk at work, and used a pocket mirror to test it out, I couldn't stand the wait! I also tested a piece of my boss' hair for good measure. She is purchasing one tomorrow.

  • Magical Dragon - Textbook

    For some reason, many textbooks take an interesting subject and make it boring. I felt that is what this one did. Was very informative though, and has lots of details.

  • J. Pate - awesome bmx bike

    I love this bike. Nothing has gone since I've had it. People say stuff about the handel bars sliping but i have had no problems since i tightend the screws tightly. When you take it out of the box it is already almost fully assembled. The head's screws are tight so what i did is put a dish cloth over the allen kee so it would not hurt my hands when i ajusted it. I have put this bike through a lot and it is good as new. It is very light and i would reccomind this bike for anyone who wants a fast bike that is rugged good for dirt and crusing along the naborhood or just jumping ramps.

  • jkami77 - Great product

    I have been using this in combination with the Tropiclean water additive and so far its been working pretty well. I use the gel about every other day and the water additive everyday. I'm not sure if one works better than the other, but my dog used to have the worst doggy breath, so bad that it could fill the room with the smell of it. Now I can be right in his face and I smell nothing, its been about 2 weeks.