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  • kc2024 - Part of my regular routine now

    I feel like this item has changed the game for me. Before, I wouldn't normally envision putting OIL on my face. I sometimes have oily skin, so this really didn't seem like it would make sense. Why add more oil? I received a sample of this stuff in the mail from Ulta with one of my orders. I read the details about it and what it proclaimed to do, and thought Why not? So I started just adding a few drops to my regular daily moisturizer. It did seem to make the moisturizer last longer, made my skin feel bouncy for lack of better words, less flat and dull. Even though I would have described my skin as oily, I did get dry patches from time to time, especially around my mouth and edges of my nose (probably from talking and blowing my nose). I did find with this product my dry patches were showing up less and less. My skin tone also began to look more even, less red and blotchy. So now for the last several months, I have been using this product in conjunction with my regular moisturizer and I love it. It has become a part of my regular routine and I never want to be without it! I've read some people even use it on the rest of their body, I have only ever tried it on my face - but I love the results! Everyone is different - try it and see what works best for you!

  • Kris Alban - Feeling swole!

    I started taking this Nitrocut Pre Workout Supplement last week and have noticed very positive results in the gym so far ... I have noticed a substantial increase in motivation, as well as a decrease in recovery time between sets. Just recently I have started traded my cardio sessions for additional weight lifting exercises, using my full 90-100 minutes in the gym on muscle building exercises. Typically this means 5-6 different exercises, with 4-5 sets of each. Yesterday I looked up at the clock after I was finished with all of my exercises and I still had 30 minutes left. Without even realizing it, I had pushed myself to get my workout done faster because I felt fully recovered about 30-40 seconds after each set. While this could certainly be attributed to the "Placebo Effect", I am excited to see if this trend continues - if it does I will definitely be ordering more of this supplement.

  • James D. Miller - Not as random as the first edition

    This is the second edition of the book. The first edition didn't sell well because all of the randomly chosen numbers turned out to be exactly the same. The authors argued that a true random number generator could indeed generate a million identical numbers, and the fact that the authors would try to publish something that seemed so un-random proved their intellectual integrity and hence the randomness of their identical numbers. Still, the public rejected the first edition proving that consumers of random numbers are far more interested in the appearance of randomness than in actual randomness. As a consequence, for this second edition the authors carefully selected numbers that readers would be sure to perceive as random. So sadly this book represents yet another example of how striving for marketplace success corrupts the intellectual integrity of authors.

  • Craig Bird - Fixed my heater core leak

    This is probably the best stop leak out there. I had noxious coolant steam coming in the cab of my truck. This means a leak in the heater core - very expensive fix, around $800 as the whole dash has to come out. Fixed it right away. NOTE - negative reviews and damage are most likely caused by misuse. If you do not regularly flush your cooling system, you will have problems. If you already have lots of gunk, this will pile on it and cause problems. 1) Get your system flushed first!, 2) Run the engine for at least 45 min(they say 20) and not just at idle, drive it. You can buy a kit to flush it yourself for $20 + $10 for anti-freeze. Make sure to leave the heat on HOT as some cars have a valve that bypasses the heater core until you call for heat.

  • diana brost - about 65 inches too big

    Bought one on a whim this weekend while running errands, but quickly returned it when I realized it wouldn't fit in the trunk of my car. Wouldn't recommend to anyone who drives a '92 Ford Fiesta.