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  • Twinklecat2 - Facing some sad facts

    OK - I listened to the album one more time. Because there's some beautiful music arrangement, I have raised my rating slightly, but no more than that.

  • ChristinaK - Best price for what you get in return

    I drink this every morning and feel awake and full. It has tons of vitamins and nutrients for my body so it starts my day off perfect. The taste isn't bad either. It's exactly what it claims to be....tangy, but it's much better than some other green grass drinks I've had with less sugar too. I'll definitely order this product again.

  • ReviewForYou - Best I've Ever Used

    The Art of Shaving shaving cream is the best I've ever used. I have very sensitive skin and this doesn't leave it feeling dry or with razor burn. Works the best with a shaving brush.

  • Laura Rasmussen - Excellent Reference for Everything Excel

    This book has made it easy to brush up on things I knew I could do in Excel, but just couldn't remember how. It's also been a lifesaver in getting up to speed on the changes from Excel 2007 to Excel 2010. I consider myself an intermediate to advanced user (vlookups, pivots, etc.) and this book is helping me up my nerd credibility by giving me access to the new enhancements available in Excel 2010. The table of contents and index are both laid out well, so it's easy to get to specific items quickly. It also has a lot of tutorials and well-written explanations of why certain things work they way they do in Excel. I highly recommend this book as a desk reference - it also comes with a free ebook, which is great if you travel and don't want to lug the paper copy around.

  • veronica star - Great for pre workout energy

    Always have used these for a pre workout bump in energy and not so much for weight loss as I don't need to lose weight, unfortunately people think by taking these they will magically loose weight but they don't and get discouraged, yes these can make you jittery or nauseas, and yes you can loose weight when combined With proper nutrition and exercise, nutrition really is key with training and weight loss, and other things combined with that, it's really a science, but I only take one daily never changed the dose, like I said it's not for weight loss but to get me through my work out, it helps tremendously for that,