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  • MuddyPuppy - I bought this for my new 2014 Chevy Equinox and ...

    I bought this for my new 2014 Chevy Equinox and it fit perfectly. The ends are spring loaded and you need to push the ends in to fit it into the cargo area and get them in the notches (the notches are already in the cargo area from the factory). You then pull the shade towards the rear of the car and fit the end posts into the reverse "c" groves near the cargo opening. The 2nd row and cargo area's on my Equinox came with black tinted glass from the factory, but I wanted this cover just to ensure no one could see what was in the cargo area. To release the cover, simply slide it back out of the C grove. The whole unit is quickly installed and removed from the vehicle by sliding in the spring loaded ends.

  • Todd H. - Horrible product

    This is the worst $150 you'll spend. The Pad is super slow loading ANYTHING, it freezes up a lot, and the graphics are one step above an Etch-a-Sketch. Not to mention any decent apps are at least $15 or more. Get a Kindle Fire and password protect it, apps are cheaper, it's fast, and picture quality is obviously way better.

  • John - This is an amazing healthy snack

    Recently began a Low Carb, High Protein diet. This is an amazing healthy snack. I am very satisfied with the product, and will order again. Already shared 1/2 the bag with a friend who is diabetic and uses jerky as a snack food as well.

  • Merlin - Not worth it, buy Aussie instead.

    Just like the Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner of this same line, it's not worth the money. Also, I didn't receive the "bonus" as advertised. I just got the spray in conditioner. I threw it out with the garbage this morning. I wanted to try something different other than my usual Aussie 3 minute miracle leave in conditioner, but I'll be going back to that. I have fine hair, and this spray made my hair weighed down and staticky at the same time. Such a strange combination. No thanks. (I do steer you toward buying the Aussie 3 minute miracle spray, but be aware they changed their formula recently. Aloe is farther down on the ingredient list, but it still works way better than this stuff.)

  • Jeanne - Great camera and equipment

    Amazing camera for the price. The camera was easy to figure out how to use it. Much easier than my old ones. Pictures are very clear when I use it in my yard and the basketball ground. The video is very good and clear when watching in my laptop. This one is really great.The camera is easy to use & view and save you videos on your pc. very happy with performance and quality of video with this product.Highly recommended!

  • builder and maker - van looks better now

    They look just a little angular / funky, but they stay on great and did the job for me. I didn't get the little circle in the middle so that it looked more like a Toyota hubcap. I would buy again since I'm not super picky about how my van looks.