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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Donald E. Fulton - Great for brass and coins

    When I bought a badly tarnished old brass telegraph key, I tried out several brass cleaners, and this was by far the best. It not only cleans it shines, it doesn't scratch, it's not messy, it smells good, doesn't hurt your hands, and washes off completely with soap and warm water. Sure you got to rub, but in a restoration watching the shine emerge is part of the fun.

  • Morty - Good read

    I haven't gotten too far into this book yet, but it's surprisingly well written and educational. I purchased this book as part of a reading requirement for a management class in college, and unlike any other book i've had to read for school, I actually enjoy this read.

  • Amazon Customer - You should buy this!

    I have bought many products that promised to do the same thing so I wasn't too sure it would actually work. Boy was I wrong. I even gave it to some friends I was going out with and they all agreed they felt MUCH better the next day! I was very happy with this purchase and plan to get more!

  • pattie m - Good Frizz control

    Keeps my frizz in control without that oily look that I get with Frizz ease serum - although I like that too for the hair at the neck line. I alternate this with Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk - I have no idea why, but it works, and it took me 30+ years of frizz to discover this.

  • greg m - Not bad for the price

    Intallation wasn't a big deal, but I had some help from a friend who's familiar with these and other automotive parts. Without my friends help it would have taken me longer simply because I would have spent the extra time figuring things out since the instructions are rather vague. I installed on an Overland and the fit was seamless. The good, I have not tried our luggage bag but now we can use it. The bad, these have added wind noise which is faint and tolerable up to 65/70 mph. Above 70 mph I noticed the noise level to increase, but load the kids and turn on the radio and it's not a big issue. I have to say wind noise would likely be expected from any similar product since you are adding height and crossing over rather than in line with the vehicle.