Morphine 30 cr - Opinions - Oxycontin snort or chew? . 07-10-2007. 27 y/o Male . It's a waste of drug when you can't get it all the way up there.Tags: how... - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • Amazon Customer - Return of an old friend

    This was originally "3-D Home Architect" back before1995. I used it to harass my carpenters who were adding on to a very old house we'd bought. (Was up to version 53 of my design changes before we finished!) Anyway, I lost the old software in computer upgrades and then the software wasn't to be found. Seems that Chief Architect took it over. This version works just about the old one - very flexible and easy to learn. I love playing with "what ifs", so this is a real treasure for me. Jus tin time for me to redo my kitchen. Thanks!

  • Lisa Marie - It's good

    Smooth and fast. Weird feeling at first but got comfortable after a while. A great buy and a great speed cube

  • Amazon Customer - love wish

    I can see everyone has something different to say about wish but that's a good thing cause you kinda know what your gonna get me myself I love wish some of their clothes are cheaply made but you get what you pay for sometimes they have very nice in well made clothes on wish I know this cause I have order it takes a long time to get your things in shipping is no more then 3 dollars on something that is 2 dollars I love wish in I think you will too