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  • gowithyourinstinct - Great for the price!

    I've had the bike for about 2 weeks now. It's worked pretty well so far. The assembly was pretty easy but could've been a little more clear. I just have a few tips for you if your buying this bike:

  • Derek Woods - Great case!

    Fits phone really well, very sturdy design that doesn't impede any of the phone's functionality or form.

  • Donna Dreher - So Cute!!

    What's not to like!? Shopkins are so cute! My daughter collects them and "Crispy Chip" was just a s darling in person!

  • Sean Bennick - Hard to digest

    After only 18 minutes in the microwave, the book caught fire. It did have a nice smoky flavor, but the middle chapters caused some paper cuts on my tongue.

  • Robert Gage - New American Bible, Catholic Ebook, Rev. Edn.

    Very confusing. Not very functional. So called "instructions" don't work or make much sense. I find

  • Kim Scheinberg - Crashes XP SP3 - have to restart machine

    I researched backup programs for XP and got this one for my mother in laws XP machine. I have over 35 years experience working in the software development field so I'm not a novice. So far this software is terrible. After having to type in a 64 digit hexadecimal key three times to get it right, finishing the install, and starting to setup the software, her machine crashed into the XP black screen with text and the crash info. I had to restart in Safe Mode and remove the software to keep from crashing. I only had 90 minutes (which should have been plenty) to set this up so I had to give up.

  • Karen - Nice and bright with accurate speed display.

    The display is lovely and bright using the supplied film which has a very thin clear coating that has to be removed to expose the sticky side that fixes to the glass. Even with sun directly on the screen the speed display can be seen easily.