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  • John D. - Great book

    Eye opening look into DHEA and how it relates to your overall health. Everyone over 40 should at least have the DHEA checked.

  • Crystaldeals - great music for all ages...lacks in movements

    Love the vast variety of songs and fun animations. Unfortunately, it does not provide a "learn the steps" section so the routines are fairly difficult to master or even get by on. Very disappointing if u wanted to learn moves. Highly recommended if u like music with cool videos.

  • Colleen Ramsdell - Nice and slim

    This product came quickly and I loved the overall feel and look of it. I've had many wallet cases before and this one has a very nice streamlined look to it. Fit easily into my pockets, even small girly pockets.

  • Sammi - Just what she wanted

    My daughter wanted this Barbie so badly for Christmas. When I found it on amazon for a lot less than what the local store was selling it for I had to get it. She was so happy to get it Christmas morning and as a six year old who didn't even want to take it out of the box because she was so beautiful that's saying a lot! I think the holiday Barbie will become a tradition now!

  • Jayson H - Good luck.

    Instructions to install this on my 2015 900 are absolutely awful. It is literally a piece of paper with 12 pictures. Good luck.

  • Dorene Kleba - Wonderful...

    I saw this in a magazine about handymen. Thought I would try it and was quite happy with the results!!!!

  • Stretch8302 - #1 Office Prank

    I bought this last week and let me say, this is rancid! I work in a warehouse with about 15 guys and did a couple pranks this week. First one was just one squirt in the bathroom. I watched 3 guys go in and right back out gagging, they then proceeded to mop the floor and spray about an entire can of Lysol in there. The second one was better. Our boss sits in the office all day, so when he left for a couple minutes, I went in to set the trap. I squirted two sprays in the office and went out. He returned and thought something died in there, he went home for the day because he couldn't stand the smell. He said it smelt like somebody took a giant sh** in the middle of his office. This is a must have to get the guys at work!