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  • kauna13 - A miracle if used properly.

    You absolutely MUST catch the coldsore and use this when you first get that tingling feeling or you will have a harsher outbreak. I'm certain anyone with cold sores recognizes that feeling. I think most poor reviews are people using abreva too long after the initial outbreak/sensation and complain that it didn't work on the sore. If caught early enough this stuff works like a charm. I actually use it in conjunction with Lysine and Carmex Cold SoreTreatment (the Carmex Treatment is actually just an analgesic-not an actual treatment which is a bit shady if you ask me, but it works and keeps the swelling/pain down and provides a lovely masking/camoflauging effect for the sore itself..)

  • mary - Great Product - Amazing Customer Service

    I am not the smartest person when it comes to computers. I spent an hour trying to get this software to download when I have up and contacted Viper. They had me up and running withing 15 min, made sure all of my settings were correct, even waited while the first scan ran on my computer to ensure it was working properly. Out of all the antivirus softwares I have used this is the best product and the best customer service. I will use Viper going forward in the future.

  • Brett Morad - and I am feeling really good. My mother is getting 300 mg twice a ...

    Having done a lot of research on various supplements, I have found that Alpha-GPC is one of the strongest and most effective of the choline supplements. I bought this particular supplement for both my mother and I because pharmaceutical grade means that there are less fillers, and the product is more "pure". My mother gets 1200 mg per day because she has dementia, and this is the effective dose used in studies. For her, this is split into two. So she gets 600 mg twice a day. I take 600 mg once a day. Almost immediately, I noticed an increase in energy and I felt more mentally in-tune.

  • Marion J Nederhoed - Good product!

    My son loves to draw and this is the software that goes with his sketchbook. He uses it often and allows him to get very intricate with his sketches on his computer.