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  • Carlo - Perfect!!!

    Perfect package, as described! Relatively fast considering had to go from US to UK during Christmas season.

  • Reader - Holy crap I am so thankful someone made this stuff

    Holy crap I am so thankful someone made this stuff. I've had poison oak bad before, SOOOOO MISERABLE! But this time I used this stuff and it stopped the progression and the itch cold.! Cant say enough how glad i am. Expensive, but for the suffering it saves, have to concede that it is worth it. Side note, make sure your follow the instructions for best results.

  • Livelovelearn - Reduced my muscle tightness and pain. Not expecting overnight results for cellulite. Looking forward to adding to my routine.

    This product exceeded my expectations as a muscle relaxant and I could not rip off the plastic protective wrapping fast enough to try it. I have a lot of stress in my life and it tends to rest on my neck and shoulders. The cream has a thick gel-like consistency. The appearance of the color is a light shade of orange. I detected a scent which reminded me of menthol or mint which I found pleasant. I immediately applied the cream to my neck and shoulder area. I also decided to put some on my forehead because I had a slight headache. I could feel relief within a minute of applying. I have used it about 3X today with a several hour lapse between application. I felt warmth but it did not feel hot. I see there are many essential oils and natural ingredients listed on the label. I do not know how the different oils work but I have been to a massage therapist who is familiar with essential oils and this product reminded me of something she used during a treatment.

  • R. Dixon - Great program with some neat new features

    This program is a great tool for the experienced genealogist, and for the beginner. With Family Tree Maker 2012 you can make an unlimited catalogue of your ancestors and your extended family. This "unlimited" capacity is particularly useful if you have been working at genealogy long enough to have discovered your ancestors as far back as the American Revolution. Not only can you catalogue your great x5 grandparents, but you can easily include their brothers and sisters as well. Using Family Tree Maker 2012 in this way you can trace multiple family lines over several generations. And with Family Tree Maker 2012 you can download your findings from directly into the the (Family Tree Maker 2012) family tree that you keep on your PC hard drive. Family Tree Maker 2012 is designed to interface with, the site of it's parent company. With the Deluxe edition of Family Tree Maker, you get a free three month trial subscription to If you have not been doing genealogy, you will be amazed at what you can discover about your ancestors. Why do you need this program? If my experience is any indicator, you would quickly need room for a library if you tried to keep all of your ancestry findings on paper. With Family Tree Maker 2012 it's conveniently there on your computer (no paper clutter to manage). A brand new feature of the 2012 edition of this program is "tree-sync" which allows you to simultaneously include new findings on your Family Tree Maker file, and on your tree. You make the choice whether to "sync" your Family Tree Maker 2012 tree with your online tree at While I am not an iphone user, there is an iphone app for folks that are interested. Tree sync is the first big innovation to Family Tree Maker for 2012. I had been using Family Tree Maker 2011 since last January, and while I like tree-sync, the new feature for Family Tree Maker 2012 that I like best is the ability to quickly list ALL of the children of a particular ancestor with just a simple click of a toggle button. In previous editions of Family Tree Maker you had to select a separate view with each spouse in order to see the children from that marriage. In Family Tree Maker 2012 you can see all the children at one time if you choose. My own family has multiple blended families due to widowing and divorce, and it is really convenient to be able to toggle all of an ancestors children on or off with just one click. It is also neat that Family Tree Maker uses icons to distinguish first and second (or third) family offspring when you have "all children" toggled "on," so you can scroll through all of your greatgrandfather's children at a glance, and determine which family they came from.

  • JLID - So disappointed as the reviews were so good

    Ordered two. One works, the other shuts off every few minutes, sometimes seconds. Very frustrating. Have emailed the company (days ago) & yet to hear anything back. So disappointed as the reviews were so good!! : /

  • Emmy - Very happy with this purchase..

    I needed a doghouse badly. After checking Walmart and ruling out an"igloo" model I went to Tractor Supply. They had a wooden one for $149.00. I was unsure it was large enough and didn't feel I wanted to spend the time putting it together. If I wanted to do that I'd just build one. This purchased hinged on cost, size and ease of assembly. I read the other reviews and decided I'd try this one. I have a German Shepard pup. The doghouse had to be durable; reviews indicated it could take a bit of a beating. I was aware it would be light and would have to be battened down. I was also aware it would need to be mounted on a pallet or something. I could not find this doghouse for less. I am a Prime member so the shipping was "free." The price was lower than any place else I looked.

  • A. Jones - Sexy Curls

    This iron heats up fast and works on my super thick/hard to style hair. I was a bit clumsy with it at first when trying to get used to twirling my hair around the wand, but you get the hang of it after a few minutes.