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  • Alex K - Amazing price/quality. And a fresher model than most screens for sale with similar specs. Glad I bought it.

    The brightness, colors, and quality are fantastic. I love the minimalist shape and form of it. I also love the Amazon price as this monitor appears to go for way more on other websites or places like eBay. I even ordered one for my mother who runs a home business and does a lot of work on her computer. I'm not a monitor expert however there was one reason I chose this monitor. Most other monitors I was looking at on Amazon have existed for a couple of years already and this one was one of the freshest models. Since usually things get better with time due to innovation I figured this would be my best choice. I'm not a fan of lots of extremely dumb design decisions by HP in the past since I repair their computers on and off for a living. But I'm very pleased with this monitor. I use it with my Lenovo X230 thinkpad as an extention to my laptop.

  • Kevin Casey - She couldn't be happier.

    My wife has been taking this for PCOS. After 3 weeks of one packet a day she ovulated for the first time in 10 months. She started out taking two packets a day but was really bloated so she cut it down to one. After a few weeks she was able to bump it back up to two packets without the bloating side effects. So take it slow at the start. She couldn't be happier.

  • Patricia A White - Scientific, Honest, Tried & True Plan for Health and Weight Loss

    I wonder how many critics actually have read the book and committed to the plan? I know I have, and many with me and know that Dr. Hyman's 10 Day Detox Plan delivers.

  • Adnan S. - Tried and true handwarmers

    I bought a set of the previous generation Zippo handwarmers maybe about seven or eight years ago. They finally stopped working, so it was time for me to get a replacement. This newer version seems to operate pretty much exactly the same, except the burner looks a little bit different, and the lighter fluid fill cup is shaped differently. As I am a repeat purchaser, I am satisfied with how these Zippo handwarmers work. I just wish they got hotter than they actually do. When felt through the warming bag, they feel slightly warm. It would be great if they felt a little hotter.

  • Yvonne - Great Bag!!

    I got this bag back in seventh grade, im a sophomore in high school !! ive used it everyday for school since i got it, and it has been a great bag. im getting another one, because the zipper on my original one broke aftyer 4 years of having it! its the best bag ive had! considering im buying another one that says alot. im kindda upset that they dont have the print i had before i guess they discontinued it or something. it was a light green plaid really nice never did show any sighns of dirt or anything. Som im getting the red one now. it fits with me one of my favorite colors, and its my school color! win win if say. i put my bag through hell over the last four years! from school with numourus binders and books, to wrestling papers, (i have ALOT!!)Im the manager), to traveling with the family, Band Camp and working with my schools Athletic Trainer!! it did it all!! haha

  • Amazon Customer - Missing Pieces of Product

    I'm really disappointed that not all parts were in the box. I got 4 of the 11 pieces!! The brushes, the oil and the 4 blades covers were NOT included. I'm always questioning myself when I buy from Amazon, and hate myself when I get duped! The product was marked NEW and showed all contents that should have been in box BUT not so lucky!!!