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  • Dr. Chemistry - Lerosett Clay Mask -Amazing!!

    My dermatologist got me started on Lerosett Clay Mask, after months of going back and forth with other treatments. I can not thank Dr Amerian enough. I knew she had a trick up her sleeve, because her reputation was the best. She gave me a tube of Lerosett and I have not looked back since. Nothing Is like this stuff from Sweden. You put it on your face and over the next 20 minutes you feel, acually feel the oil leaving your skin. Its not that Lerosett can't remove acne it's that it sucks out the oil and after twice a day for 3 days 1/2 and I mean half of my pimple were gone. Within 10 days I was 90% acne FREE. Lerosett can be hard to find, only certain experts have it. I just got on google, not only that Lerosett is like $30. I will never be without it, nor will my husband or my son who is 19 and hides his tube!! Oh by the way not a single chemical in the stuff!!

  • Brian - it is good practice to relearn topics quickly

    Reviews most of the topics in a very general manner. It is not highly specific but, it is good practice to relearn topics quickly. I only recommend using this if you have a fairly solid science knowledge and you want to quickly remember.

  • Tony - I got one good Clone Disk and now the software won't start!

    Be wary of this program, and particularly its non-existent support. I downloaded and installed the program with no problem. Made a clone disk and all seemed to go well. Two weeks later I attempted to make another clone disk, and the program wouldn't even start up. I wrote for support and of course my mail took 2 days for anyone to answer a simple question, and forget about follow up or talking to anyone live. Unless you have a month to message them, with two days in between each post, you'll never get any help from them. I googled acronis and the startup problem and found that this is a widespread problem with seemingly no solution. Wanting to try everything, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled and as I had been told by others, the problem was still there. So after spending all this money on this thing, and getting one good backup (no I didn't install anything else that might conflict), the software is useless. As was any attempt to get my money back. So purchase this at your own risk, it is not a well designed piece of software and it will cause you more headaches than it will ever be worth. They did send an upgrade, that didn't do anything but slow my computer down, and it still won't load.

  • RJT69 - Awesome results on 10 year old faded red shuttersπŸ‘πŸ‘

    This stuff is awesome, I was able to coat 20 ten year old faded red shutters on my house with only one (2) two ounce kit, and they look great! Now the test will be how long the product lasts. For now I am a very, very happy customer πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Gego - Just Gotta Have It

    I've been a homemaker for 45 years and have many different pots and pans. Only last year did I try the Le Creuset line and I now want to throw away 45 years worth of cooking ware! I make a lot of soups and my dutch ovens are wonderful for that! They are easy to clean and very pretty too. Kind of expensive but well worth it.

  • Francis P. Reed - Good tablet, good learning device.

    My daughters love these. We have had them for over a year now, and they still play the games, and use them all the time. They love the video camera feature, and use it all the time. The units are good with battery power, and the AC adaptor helps. I have heard that the newer units allow regargable batteries to charge without having to remove them from the unit. That's the one thing that I missed out on these.