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  • Michedolene Hogan - The Program Works for the Right Scenario

    I was pulled into the long list of reviews here and noticed that all of them were one extreme or the other. Some say it was awesome and a must have (very likely paid or compensated reviews) and others state it is the worst and a HUGE waste of their money, but nothing in moderation.

  • Kelly A Szeto - Worth a shot!

    Really tasty for a "detox" tea! This tea has great flavor- the day time is slightly sweet and the night time is a mild blend...both are very easy to drink and it definitely does not send you to the bathroom or anything, which I think is a good thing. But at the same time, I'm not quite sure how much drinking Yerba mate can really do for you. I know it's a healthy option for caffeine and caffeine can stimulate your metabolism, but you really do need to clean up your diet and eat smaller portions if you're hoping this will aid weight loss. The packaging does state that though, I'm glad they're not too gimicky in making people think that this tea will work miracles. Simply put, it's a great blend if you're looking for a healthier alternative to coffee or other sweetened morning beverages.

  • 19don36 - Due to weather limitations, I have only conducted a brief test

    Since the weather recommendations suggest using it on cloudy days when it will not dry too quickly, I have not been able to apply it to my roof yet. However, I did use it on the north side of my house where I had an abundant growth if green stains in evidence. I first I was concerned as there was no change for about ten days, but then I noticed it was all gone. I will apply it to my roof, where I have the very familiar dark stains as soon as weather is suitable. The test results lead to confidence it will work as advertised.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work

    I had high expectations for this product because of the ratings but it didn't work. I cleared EVERYTHING out of the room too. I ended up getting a different brand spray and it worked great