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    I've been waiting to buy this keyboard since it came out and man was it worth the wait! The lights are fantastic and the customization is beyond what I was expecting. The keyboard has a wonderful feel to it and the response time is perfect.

  • Nora - One hand grinding

    I got this pepper grinder for my mom who has tendon problems and wrist pain that makes it difficult for her sometimes to use the ordinary pepper grinder. This pepper ginder solved the problem it's so easy to use with one hand you just squeeze the the handle gently and thats it , adjusting and choosing between fine or coarse grinding is easy as well. This grinder is easy to fill there is a little lid on the top of the handle you just open it and fill with salt or peppercorns,before I received it I was concerned that it may not hold a good amount of peppercorns because I thought pepper goes in the bottom part only but I was wrong you can fill it with salt / pepper all the way to the top of the handle.

  • David Oliver - Go anywhere Antenna

    This Antenna is great. You can go through a car wash with out removing it, go through the trail with being afraid of ripping of the Jeep. Be sure to use Lock Tight when installing it so no one walking by unscrews it.