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  • David M. - Potential problems if you have an HSA

    For the most part, I've been very happy with this software. I purchased the digital download of H&R Block at Home - Deluxe. However, I'm ranking it 2 stars since I will not be able to efile. This may be an obscure problem, but since my HSA contributions are from a premium pass-through, I had to override the entry in Form 8889. For me, these contributions do not show up on the W2, and that's the only way the software allows you to input employer contributions. However, due to that required override, I'm disallowed from e-filing. Otherwise, the interview process was straightforward and quick to navigate, and if not for the lack of e-file, I'd give it four stars.

  • Midnight Show - Reliable - Does what I need it to

    I work in the Land Mobile Radio industry, and one thing we have to do on radio systems to test the coverage over the area that a county-wide radio system covers.

  • Janey - Interesting

    New York Magazine has well researched stories, that are always well written. Instead of just highlighting s story you learn the facts behind the story. The articles are always interesting and informative.

  • James R. Paulk Jr. - (very pleased with that) I will begin with saying the machine ...

    My baby was 8 weeks old when we bought him the mamaroo. Ths first one we received didnt work. So, we had to ship it back and got a new one right away from them. (very pleased with that) I will begin with saying the machine is really neat. Its swaying and movement action is really unique compared to other products on the market and its something that my son enjoyed right away. The packaging was great and the machine was easy to set up. The ONLY negative comment i have for this machine is that it makes an ackward noise While its rocking. Luickly my baby doesnt care and if you turn the white noise up you can block it out.